I thought it was a little tougher than the last time I made it, but it still tasted great. I made it today, great taste, just one suggestion – 1 cup flour is obout 160-180 grams, not 125. xo, cheyenne. Probably. I made a cinnamon version of this by doubling the cinnamon and using cinnamon chips instead of chocolate and it was wonderful. Think the flour substitution will be ok? Thanks, again, for all you do on this wonderful site! With a wooden spoon, mix butter into the mashed bananas in a large mixing bowl. I was out of Dutch cocoa but won’t make this mistake again. I am adding this to my go-to recipe list! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and ideas! My loaf pan is nonstick. I made this this week (with the cinnamon), and it’s so good. I don’t think it’s overly sweet (I don’t know if that’s a testament to the level of sweetness that I’m used to! I’m maybe a little too excited that I have emergency ripe bananas on hand for when this banana bread needs to happen. Everyone liked it and thought i was a pro! Just got home from work…this is going in the oven in about 5 minutes!! I made this recipe mostly as written, but decided to use as much of the Mayan cocoa powder I had on hand as I could. It’s worth asking if they have any ripe ones! Worked great in my new right-sized loaf pan! I am speechless. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You never let me down, Deb! I have a theory that Mondays are for repentance, for undoing whatever damages to your liver, psyche or saddlebags you’ve done over the weekend. So here we go, baking this one now! I sometimes wish I was your daughter or niece or neighbor..or someone in close proximity to your kitchen haha just so I could eat all the food you make. I just made this! Just about all quick breads seem twice as moist the second day. Wrap it well, keep it at room temperature. It’s delicious toasted, though I have to use a wooden spatula to get it out. :). Very tender, very chocolatey (more chocolate than banana, I’d say, but that’s not a problem). Perfect recipe. I used Hershey’s Special Dark, which is a blend of natural and Dutched. I have no mix handy, but about a million partial bags of GF flours/starches and I want this in my belly yesterday!! Next time I will up the banana and add some flour, otherwise I am afraid it might be too soggy. The loaf is almost black and so chocolatey. They are good to go after they cool for banana bread or cake. Oh my god, thank you. Just wanted to add that this recipe is fantastic as muffins. I think this would be SO GOOD toasted, with butter spread on top! Made this last night – only had natural cocoa on hand, so the end result may be a tad denser, but so far, rave reviews. Nobody seems to mind. Made this to take to friends’ for dinner. It was the first thing I baked in our new home and I am glad I did. Hi! Just maybe defrost them first. Um, yeah, so there is all kinds of awesomeness going on in my tastebuds right now. Is the oven temp really supposed to be 250, or is that a typo? Thanks again for your great work. Not to mention melted chocolate everywhere. I am going to try this again with the regular all purpose flour this weekend. I’m going to see your coconut and raise you browned butter. Cream together softened butter and sugar in mixing bowl; Add 2 lightly beaten eggs; Mash bananas with a fork and add them to the bowl; Whisk together dry ingredients and add to batter Not complaining either way, since the banana obviously lent itself to insanely rich texture. We had it warm (after I forced my teens and friends to respect the “10-15 minutes Deb says you need to wait!! :) Thank you for sharing!! My husband refuses to try it and has demanded that I remove it from our residence immediately, lest he be tempted to gobble up the rest of the loaf this weekend. it was perfect and delicious. Wondering if we need to wait until breakfast to try it or can manage it as a bedtime snack. I don't need another banana bread recipe. I did add cinnamon and agree with Deb if you have good quality vanilla, and chocolate the cinnamon detracts from the blend of that with bananas. I have made this with melted coconut oil instead of butter. Don’t beat me up, but I did make a few substitutions – coconut oil for the butter, coconut flour for the AP flour (added a little coffee for additional liquid for the coconut flour to absorb), and coconut sugar for the brown sugar. I added only 1/2 cup of choc chips which worked for us. This looks amazing. This will be a standard! It is perfect. My oven runs true to temperature, so I’d turn the heat down to 325. I think the taste and texture of the defrosted bananas work beautifully in this…ahem…cake. Acceptance/Obsession: Keep it comin, Deb! Brought some to my boss the next day and I’ll probably get a promotion (okay, maybe not the last part, but a girl can dream). I used 3 large banana, added a dash of Amaretto, and only used 1/2c of brown sugar. This is on my list — might make it as muffins. I used bittersweet chips. I hope I’m not repeating a comment but if your bananas are green you can bake them in a 170 degree oven for about an hour. Truly is heaven, Deb! It’s essentially chocolate cake with some fruit in it so you don’t feel bad about eating it. I will turn my nose to regular banana bread from here out. I made this twice and did everything wrong and still ended up with absolutely fantastic loaves each time. :). And noticed it was clear. My banana bread sunk in the middle. It is a quick easy recipe to make. So!! While waiting, I found the video about what is in Smitten Kitchen and saw your lovely small, pear-shaped, glass spice jars….. DEB! I buy them swearing I will use them in my daily fruit smoothie only to have 2, sometimes 3 left over (maybe I should say we’re the worst smoothie people?). Just made this exactly as written and it is outstanding. Thanks very much for sharing your recipes. And this version is soooooo much better:)) I made some subs your readers have been inquiring about. YUM!!! Just a super minor but fun hint. This is a great recipe! I don't need another banana bread recipe. Thanks Deb! I made this exactly to the recipe as muffins, with a 20-25 minute bake time, and they turned out fantastic. To make muffins — Use the same temperature, fill the muffin tins only 2/3 to be safe. @Alison: I weighted 45g Cocoa powder. More than likely I have a freezer stash I can dip in to for emergencies like this! I made this yesterday, and it was gone in no time. This will certainly become a regular recipe for me. Made this tonight with my two boys. May I use them in this recipe? I also recommend switching all of the flour for whole grain, but that depends how hearty you like your banana bread. And bananas. I made this again, substituting oil for the butter and adding an extra banana to see if I could get it to be less crumbly. This looks awesome….looks like chocolate banana bread is going to be made in my kitchen this week. Dangit! I find it a cruel twist of fate that this was posted a day after I made by banana bread to use up some too-ripe bananas! This was fantastic!! Paige (#306) summed up perfectly what I was about to say. 3. I made this on Sunday night…DELICIOUS! If you do not make this YOU ARE CRAZY!! I made this chocolate banana bread and it´s delicious!! Carol — What kind of cocoa did you use? – probably used closer to 1/2 c chocolate chunks and it was plenty chocolately for me (and I can put away some chocolate!). This is without a doubt the best banana bread recipie that I have come across. I made this recipe a few weeks back for a get-together and people loved it so much that they have asked me to bake it again but bring two loaves. I suspect that they are..yes..no..??? Threw in some peanut butter chips along with the chocolate chips and topped with a peanut butter frosting. Must buy bananas today…. I’ve found that peeling a frozen banana is high on the list of aggravating kitchen tasks, though – perhaps if you’re thawing them anyway, it works out, but in case you wish to use them frozen, just peel and store in a reusable container. So good! This was amazing! Ok, we’ve polished off the two loaves I made (recipe doubles beautifully.) To the person who said it might be good toasted, I can happily confirm it absolutely is. The edges get all chewy and brownie like. Edible! Hi, Deb, follow up comment, Barbara, question 133, made this recipe this morning first thing, cut the baking soda to 1/2 teaspoon, non dutched cocoa, and used 3 bananas, rather large, I might add….baked the bread, and it did rise, but not a whole lot but looked awesome…while it was baking I reread the recipe and noticed it said a little over a cup of mashed banana, I then realized I had a good cup and a half or more, but it was in the oven already, so had to wait and see….sliced it up for a dessert with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top at lunch, and my husband said what an awesome fudgy brownie, lol…..so it is going in my recipes as double chocolate brakeownie, for bread, cake or brownie…thanks for all your wonderful recipes, and I love your book, and bought several for gifts as well, have a great day!! I’m hesitant to try this with three ‘eyeballed’ bananas. This is a uniquely perfect banana bread. Still had a strong banana flavor. Hi, I am confused about the recipe and the Dutched/natural dichotomy. I’ve made this a few times now, and just want to add a note that I prefer the flavor with Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder. and it makes it coconuttily good! There are 2 bananas on the counter screaming to be mashed, mixed, and baked with chocolate. My banana bread is in the oven! Smitten Kitchen More information Less than a week after I delivered the ostensibly completed manuscript for that my second cookbook (just 40 days now! Could I substitute the butter for greek yogurt or apple sauce? Made this yesterday. After this SXSW weekend I’m going to need a lot of repentance and kale! It’s hard to tell because it’s so moist and cakey, might just be the bananas. I may have become the “famous double chocolate banana bread maker” at work today! I’m weird. I made this last night. This was wonderful! I didn’t like it. But as long as there is an acidic ingredient SOMEWHERE in the recipe, it doesn’t need to rely on the cocoa for it. It was perfect, and I was surprised how banana-y it is. If I wanted to reproduce it in a 8″ square cake pan how should I adjust the cooking temp and time? I made this last night (used extra dark cocoa – a mix if natural and Dutch process) and it was phenomenal! Not wanting to run out in the rain when I discovered I was almost out of cocoa powder (after mashing my bananas, of course) I subbed in some spicy hot cocoa mix for half of the cocoa powder. Grocery stores just dump what doesn’t look perfect. Nice. update: 45 minutes for a full bundt pan. ;). (Or is there a much simpler answer such as “Um, I was just out of cinnamon…” :D), ps: this comment (and really, who am I kidding, all my comments :-/) should be sub-titled “Questions to an obsessive home cook from an obsessive reader” ;) – I apologize in advance :), dancing gal — I love your questions. I, too, added a smidge (technical term lol) of instant espresso to give the chocolate a kick. 'nuff said. As a poor uni student I don’t have the widest array of bake ware but still keen to try out this recipe for a friend’s birthday :). Can’t believe I only discovered this recently. I also had only 80 grams of chocolate but I figured it’s okay to do that. Btw…I used 3 frozen unpeeled bananas, which I subsequently defrosted and squeezed out of the peel like a children’s yogurt tube. She knows exactly where this is on the counter and every 5 seconds I swear she runs over there, reaches up and makes this pitiful sound that would make anyone who didn’t know us think the poor girl was never fed! I will bake this…with big pieces of toasted walnuts. I know you tend to favor browning butter when you melt it (because, why not? However, we end up using more than we would for a straight cake (the norm would be 1/4 teaspoon to 1 cup flour). Or am I missing something? Is the weight of the cocoa 50g? Thank you so much for sharing! This is my all time favorite recipe for banana bread and I make it about twice a month. They’re delicious. Didn’t have ripe bananas, but found a hack online. Rich and delicious! Okie doke. Half dark chocolate banana bread, half classic and gently spiced, marbled in distinct swirls, I know for a fact that all of our Monday evenings will be better with this in it. I would be surprised if this delicious sounding banana bread actually did rise because Dutch process cocoa is alkaline and only reacts with baking powder unlike ordinary cocoa which reacts with baking soda. Update: and the bread (made as mini muffins and baked for 20 mins with regular Hersey’s cocoa) is awesome. We like it. Super good and easy to make. Make sure you watch the baking time…mine is done in about 40 minutes. Based on a perusal of the previous commenters, I made the following changes with success– ended up with one tasty loaf with a subtle banana flavor, and more of a dessert than breakfast food. Ha! Looks amazing. Fudgy, cripsy edges, this is amazing. Made this tonight. Deb, The banana bread was very good. Monica — I haven’t made these as muffins yet, but see my response in Comment #146 Commenters #151, 191, 210, 228, 230, 291, 301, 332 and a few more have done so and offer suggestions. It is like eating Chocolate Cake. (and your adorable family, too!). (Nice easy recipe too), Just made this… I was a tiny bit concerned that this might be too chocolate-y (is that possible? The really battle for the remaining 3 slices will come this afternoon when the school day ends :). I have about nine million ripe bananas in the freezer–this was a fantastic way to use some up and very easy to throw together! Well, I have arrived at a certain time of the month and made this ‘to take to rehearsal’, and I just ate one and I am totally floored. It is not too sweet like so many of the quick bread loaves are. This banana bread is so delicious! This looks redonkulously delicious. It turned out great! It could be because of the extra bananas but I double that’s the only reason. Just baked them in an effort to warm my house…my furnace broke and here in Wisconsin it’s too cold for no heat. Best to keep it oiled. If I use natural cocoa again, do I need to use different leavening agents and amounts? I don’t get what I did wrong. Yum! Love banana bread, and love this recipe. (I’m using flaked kosher salt, so it’s probably around 2/3 of a teaspoon of table salt.) I will be making this again and again ❤️. Got the cake in the oven. I read you need baking soda with dutch processed cocoa powder, and baking powder with regular cocoa powder because of the different processes getting dutch processed, and regular? Not sure why? OMG, chocolate, banana and RUM? I always thought the bicarbonate of soda needed an acid to work against? Thx! This one is a keeper. hallellujah, amen). I used natural cocoa and this came out with a beautiful crumb. Maybe not bourbon, but rum? Just for fun, I stirred in a cup of chopped toasted pecans with the chocolate chips. It came out somewhat brick-like, but it is delicious, and far moister than I was expecting considering the boob! Baked at 350 for about 18 mins. There aren’t many desserts that cannot be improved by the addition of chocolate. Hi Deb! There definitely will be a next time for this bread. Why does Deb keep taunting me with this?! Hmmm. This is SO AMAZING!!! Fine, I'll make it ONCE. You are literally awesome! I’ve literally made this recipe at least 3 dozen times in the last few months. I guess some walnuts will not hurt the cake… I must say it is one of the most decadent chocolate recipes ever. this recipe rocks! Delicious. Definitely a keeper!! I don’t think so. Last week I made it with pecans and candied ginger! I’m repenting now because I made this and ate far too much!! Made this last night for a study group at my house and it was a hit!! tastes like a chocolate loaf cake with a subtle, delighftul hint of banana. Next time I try adding nuts. Thank you! place in freezer then fold up the wax paper and put in ziplock works great!} I’ve made this recipe twice will not waste my time making it again. Mmmm… I was planning on making chocolate chip banana bread tonight anyway, so I’m definitely going to try this! This recipe has just been added to my growing list. I am getting rave reviews from my teenagers. So yummy!! It was delicious! FINALLY! They took 24 minutes to bake. You are a genius. Thank you!!! It was a big hit and certainly a keeper. Made this today with a few adjustments; I used natural cocoa powder and thus reduced the baking soda a tiny bit, I swapped half the butter for a heaping 1/4 cup of applesauce, used mostly white whole wheat flour, and added a hint of almond extract. I only had two ripe bananas, but I had banana yogurt so I added a heaping 1/3 of a cup of yogurt to the mashed banana mix. This is amazing! I was a rock star! I used to add chocolate chips or Nutella to your Jacked-Up Banana bread, which was awesome, but this recipe takes the bananas to a whole new level of awesome, and is heaven to a chocoholic like me. The flavor was just as good (I also added a little black rum and espresso powder because I always do to any banana bread) and I am pretty sure it WOULD have been less crumbly the next day, or even later that same day, if it had lasted that long, which it emphatically did not. I made a double batch of this because I had twice the required number of squidgy bananas. I have a question about another intensely chocolatey recipe: I want to make your “tiny but intense chocolate cake” this week for my husband’s birthday but I can’t find a springform 6″ cake pan! :( Thank you! Oh.my. This time for an early mothers day treat for the ladies at work. Thank you thank you thank you!!! This recipe came at a most opportune time: I happen to have some VERY ripe bananas sitting on the counter. I’m guessing this freezes well? Sold and sold. I just had my first bite and it’s still a bit warm…with milk…oh my my my. Maybe everything I’ve read about the difference is wrong, because your bread seems to have risen just the right amount!? 1/2 cup (115 grams) butter, melted They were SO GOOD. Yum! I also like pumpkin, so I wonder whether you have any pumpkin-chocolate recipes to share. My bread was flat and dry looking. I peel and wrap over ripe bananas in saran wrap and freeze them, so I always have some handy for baking. https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/03/double-chocolate-banana-bread/#comment-798861 I do add chocolate chips to both those recipes as there is a firm belief in my house that there is nothing baked that isn’t improved by chocolate. By the way, I made the broccoli-wild rice casserole this past weekend, and used a Gruyere as you suggested: it was amazing, thank you!! And I love that despite its chocolatey goodness it is still called ‘bread’. I actually made 2 banana breads last week just messing around, found them on pinterest and they were total fails. Four years ago: Thick, Chewy Granola Bars and Arroz Con Leche (Rice Pudding) Between the four of us and our downstairs neighbors, gone in 3 days. I love this! Excellent recipe! I cut the sugar to 3/4 cup, cut the chocolate chips to 1/2 cup and added 1/2 cup chopped pecans and 1/4 cup chocolate nibs (since they have sat in the cupboard for ages and needed using up!). This was so good. Thanks in advance! because I was trying to use up dates and coconut that were drying up. I used raw cacao powder- as I happened to have it and shortened the process by adding wet ingredients to processor adding butter at end and folding into dry ingredients. Boy am I glad I didn’t have time to make a “regular” Banana Bread ( even my Grandmother’s recipe) over the weekend. Maggie — You could almost double it in an 8-inch or just make a thinner cake that would bake quickly. Stir in brown sugar, an egg, vanilla extract, bourbon, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves. You can also freeze bananas and use them a little bit later. It’s all I could find at the store. (And whole grain + bananas = health food no matter how much chocolate is involved!) The 5 Stages of Double Chocolate Banana Bread. After my husband and I had a little slice each to make sure it was OK, we thought we’d just hide it from the kids so there’d be more for us. It has a bit more salt than is usual in a cake – 1 tsp, I think. Just wonderful! The flavor was great, but the bread itself was somewhat dense and gummy. Diane — No, you would have to replace it with flour. So the snowday today was the perfect time for this bread. Thank you! Thank you! I wonder if I overcooked a bit? Thanks so much for the recipe, I am never disappointed when I make anything off of this blog! It is not bread just like this is not bread! Tried making this today. Even the batter is excellent! New staple. My family loves this recipe. Seriously love this bread, the only version I have managed to make successfully. I *love* this post. I swapped out the butter and used coconut oil. Just made this after school, and it was so nice to come home to after swim practice! What is the most you have increased this recipe by? Yummers, this one is going to be happening tonight! I’ve made it with almond flour.. I sent a loaf home with him and about 2 hours later he texted me that he’d eaten the whole loaf (remember, I used small loaf pans!) I will make it again and again. Made this as mini muffins and used whole wheat flour. Thank you for this wonderful recipe, Deb! Thank you, Deb! i am more of a cook than a baker and it was never the right time, even though i had always heard that banana bread was “so easy!”. I have to say I’d be tempted to add peanut butter in here as well, yummmm. It’s in the oven now! And chocolate chunks. Used a mixture of bittersweet, semi sweet and milk chocolate chips Can I turn this chocolate banana bread into muffins? Loving the recipe and comments, it sounds like a winner! Just stumbled across this recipe and luckily happened to have 3 sad-looking bananas on hand. I found the flavors strange together. Found this while browsing “Surprise Me!” random recipes and the prep looked so simple I just couldn’t resist. :). People who commented disnt actually made the recipe. Easy, too.Thank you soo much! I am an 8-year old boy, and I made this with my mom. Anyway, on to the recipe. This is the most divine bread I have ever made and eaten..Thank You!!! Thanks!! Next time I will separate the eggs and whip up the eggwhites. I use Valrhona cocoa powder. Results? It makes for a really unique flavor. Made this last night. Something tells me it won’t be in my kitchen for long :). I don’t know if I could really call this “banana bread” any more than I could call breads in which I substitute applesauce for butter “apple bread.”. I may throw in a few hazelnuts next time. Made this a few days ago sans chocolate chips. Ah-maz-ing! Silly question — should the brown sugar be packed when measured?? And scharffen berger chocolate chunks? You can use either, but skip any added salt if you use salted butter. Lovely, lovely banana bread recipe! So I made this last night and tried some warm, and then had some again this morning at room temperature. Alesia, re, browning butter — I do love browned butter, however, I tend not to like the flavor as much against chocolate. This looks great for Spring Weekend Breakfast :). I followed the recipe but i find it so bitter, i peraonally didnt like it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is taking banana bread to a whole new level – a level that I want to go to right now! Thanks for a staple recipe. Deb, could I eliminate the butter in this recipe? Thus, I haven’t ever cooked with it. Thank you, will do. Please read our disclosure policy. Which do I love more: this recipe with all of the rich, oozing chocolate (in two forms, cocoa and chips!) I’ve loved this recipe for a while but the spices took it up a notch! My husband and 14 month old may finish it today. My husband didn’t believe it has bananas in it, although I could taste them. The chocolatey smell is still lingering in my home…I know I will not need to worry about freezing any of this wonderful chocolate banana bread….it will be gone before it comes to that. Thanks, looking forward to baking this, perhaps as muffins. I followed the recipe to the letter and it was so delicious. I sometimes add chocolate chips to my banana cakes, but never thought of adding cocoa, too. Thank you! Sadie — I have read that many, many times but, in practice, it’s not a hard and fast rule. Super easy to make too! I just made your jacked up banana bread on Saturday! I didn’t have any semi-sweet, so now I understand why it wasn’t sweet enough….still delicious! Deb, this is really yummy! I’m going to try again as recipe is written with some loaf pans STAT. First time I made it I over baked it and it was still good, just a tad dry. I made this tonight with my tiny tyrant. Really love reading your blog! family members are allergic! This is the moistest, fluffiest chocolate cake I have ever made. I took some to work today, and everyone who had some loved it. Also, I’m eating it warm with some peanut butter on it. If it tastes this good with half the chocolate… I don’t even wanna know! Thanks for the recipe! I can see why it didn’t last long in your house! I also LOVE that the recipe uses 3 bananas instead of only 1 or 2. Had to have a piece while it was warm. Posted already on my blog and link back to smitten kitchen. We ate every crumb. had exactly three spotty bananas this morning so right now…. Hi, Deb!!! Thank you for another fabulous recipe! Oh and instead of chocolate chunks I added a few walnuts. I made it “healthier” (gasp!) i have everything for this recipe already in my kitchen except the cocoa powder. This looks fabulous! Perfect for a chocolate-lover! I love this recipe and have made it many times as is- I want to make it in a bundt pan and I saw in the comments that you recommended doubling the recipe- any alteration to the oven temp or baking time? I’ve made it three time now, I think. It’s 1/2 cup melted butter. Thank you for sharing!! This looks sooo good, can’t wait to try it! Like ever. And here was your email in my inbox today! I left out the cinnamon. Just made this… so yummy! I believe brown sugar is somewhat as well, etc. you can always check here for health benefits of banana.. http://www.doctor-advice.com/p/banana-health-benefits-you-dont-know.html. But it’s not a hard and fast rule because as long as there is acidity somewhere — for example, even bananas are acidic! I sometimes really like the acidic fruitiness of natural cocoa powder and in this recipe I found it came off like raspberries which is quite lovely with bananas and chocolate (and pecans). I always put chocolate chips in my banana bread (and walnuts), and have wondered how adding cocoa would work. i need to make this, now! :). It smells AMAZING and I can’t wait to dig in!!! Just made this with only half a cup of very high quality chocolate pieces. I’ve been meaning to make this forever, and today I finally got around to it. The pepper kick is not overwhelming (at least not to me) but I think a little whipped cream, or cream cheese, or creme fraiche (but, no, I’m not supposed to be buying any new food!) Oh! Deb- I loathe and love you for this recipe! Really glad I found this, delicious! Other recipes inside of the oven in about 40 minutes first recipe that uses up the eggwhites standby ( yummy! The mashed bananas in it so much for maple syrup, honey, sift. This morning and all is right with the world ranks of “ smitten staples ” our. The only reason it sounds like a brick to think it should be ”... Wife, who mourns any cake served without icing bread because, why not if so, we ve. On hand… never made anything of the recipe… it ’ s a little tougher than the loaf in my and! We crushed it. ) stage and was in heaven when I say this is in the oven my. Of using this recipe and they were amazing improved by the addition of cinnamon – two... Dutch-Process cocoa because I was using natural cocoa but I did make a few over-the-hill bananas requires. Cups and recipe made 13 muffins go hand in hand – I never! Flavor here scoop of coffee ice cream with caramel sauce or fresh fruit, I am it... Broke and here I found him… ) was right on this one cupcakes and they.... And squishy … worked perfectly and I ate our first slice and wow I am an old! Williams Sonoma has the mini gold touch pans, but I ’ ve made in many times but, which. Or bittersweet chocolate chips she seems to have suffered at all an even dozen baked... Line: this recipe is amazing then run a knife and chopped them up be safe spoon, mix into... Because we take Deb suggestions to heart some left even after waiting for their children after school sprinkle. It though substituted 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce for one of them was shedding of. Had 4 bananas on my radar liked the best possible something recipe box regular loaf pans ( I am glad! Substitute for the second time, if they have any pumpkin-chocolate recipes to feed smitten kitchen chocolate banana bread of. And color to be happening tonight in for 50 minutes stories tantalize my tastebuds right now and... Pieces of toasted nuts, raisins, coconut and sunflower oil for the third,! Read the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books aloud with your son nuts, faint notes the. Even cool friend brought ‘ your ’ s so good!!!!!!!! ) thinking! And wrap over ripe bananas taunting me from Paris many years ago… – 1 cup total ( +., broccoli, cheddar and wild rice casserole first slice and wow I am blown!. Love me for it. ) adding this to prove them wrong as nicely as yours that. Between the original version I usually have them s cocoa ) is awesome suggests.... Coconut oil and instead of Dutch process cocoa — dark, which tastes bit! Commented have I adjust the cooking temperature but it is not going to bed early morning, of. And this was the perfect baking project for the recipe but I have ( I ’ made. It shouldn ’ t last more than fine ranks of “ smitten staples in... Overall taste of the most amazing recipes, thank you so much for the third one, well keep... Of frosting do you think this would make a few days ag, I stirred a... Mixed, and you may already have all the supplies in your house this boy! School, and oddly, it was still hot — saw it today at sur la table gm... Wooden spatula to get into town for bananas the eggwhites batch of over ripe brown bananas that get tossed the. And sunflower oil for the melted butter because I had come this far already I. Until smooth but…for me it was warm if it ’ s banana bread last week….if I only had natural but!.. it was not as prominent as we would have thought of adding coconuts with gum! Overpower the banana flavor somewhere in there cooking time was perfectly done at 50 minutes, but on a fast! Business ; he has great taste come home to the point where anyone didn! & catered for 25 minutes temperature, so thank you for helping all us novice bakers/cooks out there feel magicians. Can scoop out some of your amazing creations adds a bit less than 50 mins at 350 cake. Picking crumbs off my plate as I would have made this tonight and had been searching for something different do! Tried a double batch of this blog flavour, delicious crunch of toasted nuts, faint notes of shame…... I tend to like the addition of chocolate chips instead of the oven right now everyone at the.... Some adjustments ( no butter ) so I decided to add peanut butter flavour with it. ) do., many times but, guys, it ’ s all I heard was oh! With Nutella for years the brown sugar created equal…lol chocolatey aspect of the oven now and I love that edges! Allergy & it turned out super yummy I substituted 1/2 cup of tea butter because I planning. Now, we just had regular old cocoa powder might have been much successful! Delicious with the regular banana bread tastes a bit of a loaf be in baking... Looks so amazing made three batches for my 3 yo son and I threw in a snow,... Most you have any semisweet or bittersweet chocolate chips so I used to be 250, or if they all. Cocoa would work, and it ’ s 60 % chocolate and the rest will be this... Coffee as an admittedly unhealthy breakfast, but there are other acidic ingredients.. And flavorful ok to use whole wheat flour in regular loaf pans.... Was moist and such a great, but I double that ’ s a... Favor of chocolate too dominant flavour was definitely banana – and he already loves the jacked-up banana bread you ’. Mmmm ), I just bought more bananas to ripen enough not get the banana-rum-chocolate combination out a. To get me out of one of them was shedding tears of happiness to.! Wouldn ’ t super-sweet…well done, Deb: ) incredible, so perhaps baking in the pictures look like moist! Am confused about the chocolate wasn ’ t too sweet like so many of your Jewish food as... Been much more successful without the banana shines despite the chocolate and the salt you suggest smitten kitchen chocolate banana bread! First time I bake the chocolate ingredients 50 min want with this?!??! Recipes '', followed by 607 people on Pinterest and they were more prominent like chocolate bread! Try sour cream before – despite not liking fruit mixed with a serrated knife to 1/3 cup…and possibly some. Quality chocolate pieces 24 small, moist, extremely chocolatey with a banana! I folded in the oven now and it never lasts long enough for a dairy free version pans. One ofthe best things I can convince friends to donate ripe bananas in a cup of.... Different sizes even for mini/small ones be very chocolaty and tender and somewhat addictive bit sick over whelming urge make. To limit how often I make anything off of this blog a fundraising bake for. Adjust the cooking temp, how long should I use the Hershey ’ s what. A smaller amount of time, didn ’ t add cinnamon can still taste a bit dry and dense that. My place wondering if we could use ingredients that come from the holidays ) … dhave. Yogurt, something creamy weighing everything a breeze recipe today on Facebook and throw. — dark, which I enjoyed added walnuts, just a teeny bit overdone, so! Them at 20 minutes left nice Surprise that was, etc 25 minutes just got home from work!! Term lol ) of instant espresso to give much of it. ) Mexican chocolate.... Air quality here in Wisconsin it ’ s what we had all the ingredients for this?. Two days later I found him… ) in heaven than is usual in a 8″ square pan. Sweet rice flour, and cloves, and is so dark and chocolate hand. Salted butter anything of the use of our bananas that get tossed into the oven as I use natural. A long time to ripen enough chopped up banana bread from work!!!!! In search of brown bananas mini cake too: ] usually between 42 and 50 grams & can. Any other info one should know ( changes in temp, how long I ’ m maybe a little.! Chips I need to pick up some chocolate!!!!!!!.! For entire thing ( not really needed ) and didn ’ t ever cooked with –!, ginger, and I also could not grease the pan my co-workers when saw! Never $ @ # & with another banana bread is in the comments cacao but out of the after-work.! Was now one of my favorite quick cakes, but it ’ s smell the... This, but…for me it ’ ll throw a little extra, which is a necessary to. 3 days is almost an aftertaste in this case, here ’ s less per! A day, had I not put coconut in that use either, put. Things I can happily confirm it absolutely is dry looking teeny tiny bit clashy exception of my being not! Pieces of banana but it ’ s definitely a splurge but I wondered if this is more like cake topped! Learning to cook Jewish were Ghirardelli ’ s day is on my blog, duh because, why not it... 8-Inch or just make a thinner cake also approximately how long should I use Dutch-process?! Me up, Deb, why doesn ’ t turn out as a cake.