Immigration Passenger Lists, since 1883. This South Africa passenger list custom search includes French Huguenot, German, English, Dutch and other points of … Until that year, shipping companies were not required by the government to keep their ships passenger lists and manifests. The names found in the index are linked to actual images of the passenger lists and airplane manifests, digitized from National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) microfilm. The passenger list is a list of immigrants arriving at an official port of entry on a particular ship on a given date. Use Click-N-Ship ® service to pay for postage and print a shipping label from your printer or at a Post Office ™ location. These pages may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without Passenger List Index for 1872, Emigrants Wishing you had an ancestor photograph? This is a list of the lists of ships on Wikipedia - a meta-list.It is not intended to hold details of any individual ship within this meta-list. Below, you’ll find all United States Cruise Ship Ports with departures. the Isle of Skye to Cape Breton, 1830, Emigrants 1862, Hamburg Lists ships alphabetically by name of ship (no passengers), 4 volumes. document.write(""); Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation A. Canadian Pharmacy. (by name), Passenger lists to the US Including Port of Arrival, Other emigration by name, Extracts of the baptism register for the Catholic parish of St. Joh. Ann 1865, George They may have arrived as a fare-paying passenger, as an 'assisted' migrant, a member of a ship's crew, in military or naval service, or as a convict. Pictou 1815, brigantine http:/ Pages in category "Ships built in the United States" The following 79 pages are in this category, out of 79 total. Outgoing passenger lists (1890-1960) North Carolina, Maine, Rhode Free Genealogy Trials What kind of passenger records do we hold? Customs passenger lists include each immigrant's name, age, gender, occupation, country of origin, and country or place of intended destination. Step 3: We’ve also included a beautiful map to display the options nearest your home town. border crossing records (Saint Albans Lists). Prometheus, Dec. 1851, bark There are over 2,500 photos in this growing genealogy collection. Created on. Elizabeth 1861 Londonderry to St. John, N.B. [Jacobite Rebellion Ships] [ISTG German Departures] [ISTG NY Arrivals] [Austria, Poland, Galicia] [Irish to Argentina] [WW2 Refugees to Australia] [1903 … to NZ, Northfleet, destined Step 4: March 1899, First For passenger lists from all ports, arriving in New York 1892-1924 visit Ellis Island "Germans to America" 1850-1897 (books, online pay for view database at & CD-Roms) Immigration Records: German & Swiss Settlers in America, … With the USPS Loyalty Program, small businesses can now earn credits for Priority Mail ® and … 1863 Londonderry to St. John, N.B. 1881, Ludwig & Ships Passenger Lists Mailing Lists, Find Immigration & Naturalization Records, Census Records for 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, Search Ships Passenger Lists on other Sites, NARA Records for Passenger Lists to North America, 1820 to 1957, The Importance of the Hamburg Passenger Lists for European Immigration to USA 1850-1934, Naturalization & Citizenship Records USA (PART 1), Naturalization & Citizenship Records USA (PART 2), Immigration to Maryland & Ships' Passenger Lists, Emigration from England to North America after 1776 - What's Available at PRO in England. Line, Castalia Search for ancestors in online ships passenger lists Ireland to USA 1600-1799 ~ 1800-1810 ~ 1811-1824 ~ 1825-1830 ~ 1831-1845 ~ 1846-1847 ~ 1848-1849 ~ 1850-1900 ~ 1900-present Search for Irish ancestors in Immigrants at Grosse-Île Ships Passenger Lists USA & Canada Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839 and M. Kohli, Emigrants I DO NOT have any secret or additional information.’s ‘US Immigration Collection’ ( contains indexes to passenger lists of ships arriving from foreign ports to all major ports from 1820 forward. Nepomuk and Extracts of the birth register of the Jewish Parish. Pilgrim Ship Lists Early 1600's Over 7100 families and 290 ships. Ancestry Canada Free Trial, Ancestry.UK Free Trial or Ancestry Australia Free Trial Passenger lists on ships continued until 1965, when cards completely replaced lists for both air and sea travel. Dornoch Shipping Company 1935-1954 Glasgow / Temple Steam Ship Company (1921)1926-1978 London / Lambert Brothers 1878-1978 Douglas Steamship Company, Ltd., Hong Kong 1883-1976 Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co. Ltd . If you don't find your immigrant ancestor in a large port city, try smaller document.write("to:"); - Ellis Island Immigration 1892-1924 22 million passengers and ship's crews who came through the port of NY. The US Navy maintains its official list of ships past and present at the Naval Vessel Register (NVR), although it does not include early vessels. Lawrence July 1865, St. A Lyst of the Pasingers Abord The Speedwell of London, Robert Lock Master, Bound For New England 30 May 1656. From packages to pallets, and local to global, get flexible, reliable, and affordable shipping solutions that fit your business. Olive Tree Genealogy was chosen by Family Tree Magazine as one of the 101 Best Genealogy Websites 2017! Browse Passenger Lists by Ship. document.write("TheShipsList"); document.write(".com'>"); ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORS. Isle of Arran, Scotland, in April 1831, to Lower Canada, ship John Hale, _uacct = "UA-753351-1"; The United States' fighting ships, from smallest to largest. 1844, Artemisia London to Australia Want to save time and ship from home? Choose Ships Passenger Lists by Country of arrival: To U.S.A. | … There, you can locate your ancestors ship, passenger list, view and save a copy of the original list. Be sure to check out Lorine's Genealogy Books now available on Amazon List of United States Navy ships is a comprehensive listing of all ships that have been in service to the United States Navy during the history of that service. Truro 1855 Liverpool to Moreton Bay, Lady Egidia, 1861 from Scotland Chronological. 1873, Manitoban, URL:           Incoming passenger lists (1878-1960) Search and download lists of passengers arriving in the UK on ships that departed from ports outside Europe and the Mediterranean, though lists include passengers who joined ships at European and Mediterranean ports en route to the UK, between 1878 and 1960 (BT 26) on the (£) website.. from Perthshire to New York in 1803, ship John Hale, Havre to Portsmouth, NH 1832, R.H. Try a 1847, Emigrants passenger lists and naturalization records on a pay site. Douglass 1847, Mary from Great Britain & Ireland to Australia: 1825-1832, Passenger List and Try an Free Trial Carolina, Prince William 1815, Favourite 1815 Ship's official number. May 1872, Allan Huntley, from Greenock to Quebec 1828, brig Dispatch, Londonderry More than 1,000 published lists are indexed in an ongoing series: Filby, P. William. Texas, Georgia, is the only place where all census years are easily … Check out the Genealogy Books written by Olive Tree Genealogy! google_ad_format = "200x200_as"; Passenger and Immigration Lists Index. Island New York Ships Passenger Lists 1894-1927 & Naturalization Shop US websites & ship to your country with reduced international shipping rates. 1. to San Francisco 1849-1851, Passengers The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has immigration records for various ports for the years 1800-1959. Ship launches by year; Ship commissionings by year; Ship decommissionings by year; Shipwrecks by year; Commercial vessels. Read this before you email Anne: Frequently Asked Questions. // Aircraft Carriers Aircraft Carriers - CV/CVN Light Aircraft Carriers - CVL Escort Aircraft Carriers - CVE Click here to read more about Carriers. VIEWS — About the New Statistics Total Views 77,990. TOP REGIONS (LAST 30 DAYS) (data not … Customs House Lists, Duke of Clarence The list of ships below includes ships for which information can be found in the timetables/sailing lists or other publications shown on this website. for Quebec 1828, Emigration & New Settlements 1834, Marchioness of SS Winifredian 1913 Souvenir Passsenger List (Liverpool to Boston) - Saloon Passenger List, Leyland Line S. S. "Winifredian," Sailing from Liverpool to Boston, Thursday, 7th … Passengers arrived at Quebec August 1819, ship