The Global Reptile Assessment


Furcifer willsi


With approximately 9,800 known species, reptilesA�(lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and the New Zealand tuatara) are a very diverse group of vertebrates, however in the absence of a completed global assessment the group as a whole remains poorly-known. Reptile systematics are in a state of flux; no widely accepted global species list exists, many areas of the world are without checklists and, particularly for tropical regions where reptile diversity is highest, the distributions, natural history and threats to reptile species are often poorly-documented.


The Global Reptile Assessment (GRA) is currently underway, with assessments published for almost 40% of the worlda��s reptile species. The GRA is the first of the Global Species Assessments to make use of an assessment forum to conduct species assessments for a region, the Reptile Assessment Forum found on this website.


[Map of areas so far completed for the GRA]


The Global Reptile Assessment is organised by IUCN’s Biodiversity Assessment Unit, based in the head office of Conservation International. Reptile assessments for the Western Hemisphere are funded by and run in collaboration with NatureServe.


A list of current reptile Specialist Groups within the SSC network, including contact details, is available here.


Contact details: Philip Bowles ( Coordinator, IUCN Snake and Lizard Red List Authority

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