My favourite is Dark Walnut, but Provincial is a VERY close second. What color uggs should i get chocolate or chestnut? And the company is owned by Minwax. what colors should i go with for curtains? If you’re worried about your floors turning out too dark, then provincial is a really great choice. Color/Appearance: Heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Floor type is red oak. What is the color difference between chestnut and walnut wood? If you have mocha colored walls what color of hardwood flooring to use? I think it's not too dark and not too light. This post is sponsored by Minwax. Dark Walnut used to be our go to stain color. Color difference between chestnut and walnut finish. Go ahead and choose the floor AND THEN the paint. left-to-right: Dark Walnut, Special Walnut, Provincial. As far as your other question, Provincial will not be darker than English Chestnut normally, but if you water pop the floors (see this post here) then you’ll be able to get it darker. I mixed 3 colors to get the tone I wanted. General Finishes Water Based Stains are formulated to provide workability similar to oil-based stains. Ebony An oil-based stain finished in polyurethane. What shade of white paint would look good on the walls of a bedroom that has pecan colored flooring and black room accent pieces? What is the difference between walnut and cappucino wood? it is a new home.....The floors are Red Oak.....can they be also stained the same or do you go different and go with a reg. What is the difference between walnut and chestnut? Coming soon to the internet's top The lighter floor should look larger, if that's a consideration. We’re leaning toward to the golden brown {left}because it’s slightly darker than the special walnut. We also had to decide on our white pine sun-room ceiling , pine ceiling on our front and back porch, cedar front corbels, doors, and beam stains. FYI, my contractor says he will not do any custom blends, so mixing is out. If you are following the renovation progress in order, next I’m sharing all my granite choices. If i have a light green colored couch what color can i paint my living room? What color should i paint my living room walls with a dark brown sofa? Can a light colored purple color paint work in room with camel and chocolate furniture? The best way to update those walnut stain cabinets, in my opinion, is to paint the walls white or a slight warm off-white. Wiping Stain can be used on a variety of surfaces, including unfinished wood, previously finished surfaces, fiberglass, metal, and composition surfaces. What color should walls be with dark flooring if my furniture is dark in living room? Provincial will offer PLENTY of red/brown. Words: Nadene Hall 1. Would Jacobean or Dark Walnut be better to compliment with antique brown existing on stairs? Meanwhile, our living, dining, family and kitchen have been prepped and we wanted to add a darker shade that would blend with antique brown. Their high-quality pigments produce rich, dark, uniform colors on hard-to-stain woods like maple and pine. Not a lot of people want a big change. What s the difference in color between english chestnut and american walnut stain. What color floor for a chestnut color vanity? I like darker stains – so that’s what I go towards. The Provincial is the safer nice choice but I am drawn to the darker walnut. We have mixed stain on our floors and don't have a clue what we used way back when we built the house. What color dining room table would you put in with dark walnut flooring? View Product Page. We have white oak, which tends to be grainier, but truer to color. Get someone else. Is black boots better than chestnut color? Unfortunately, it’s rare to see these colors used in larger spaces, especially on the same species of wood. Need help choosing hardwood floor stain color, Need to decide on hardwood floor for addition, Need help deciding on a stain color for my floors. The ceiling in the station is nice, but I agree with you, I’m not in love with it.

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