Outdoor Research may seem like an unlikely winner of the mask showdown, but the Seattle-based brand has been designing high-quality outdoor apparel since 1981. She notes that the second update included an adjustable nose piece, and was better in terms of fit, although in the three-pack she purchased the mask sizing wasn't identical. A properly fitting mask extends vertically from the bridge of your nose (just below the eye line) to about an inch under your chin, and it stretches horizontally from cheek to cheek, or even better, as close to your ears as comfortable. I also noted if adjustments were needed for the nose wire, ear loops, or ties to keep the mask in place. When I started wearing masks in March, I didn’t notice any issues with breathability since temperatures were cooler. If the mask is too big: If its ear loops are thin enough, tie knots near the ends or add an appropriately sized cord-lock toggle. The masks that we dismissed outright at the time included models from many popular brands, such as Target’s Adult Fabric Face Mask (no nose-bridge wire), Everlane’s 100% Human Face Mask (no filter pocket or nose-bridge wire), and the beloved, inexpensive Old Navy pleated masks (no filter pocket or nose-bridge wire), as well as Madewell’s Face Mask (no filter pocket, no wire, not machine washable) and the early versions of pleated masks from Gap and Athleta (no filter pocket or nose-bridge wire). Even a bandana tied around your head is better than nothing. A small review by the University of Oxford claimed that face masks are effective, but it was based on studies about SARS-1 and in health care settings, not in community settings. Cotton is the most popular fabric for face masks, but some can be heavier (similar to denim), which won't be as breathable. “The more visible openings you see in the fabric structure, the less effective the material may be at filtering particles,” Ormond said. (He chose this pleated CDC-suggested pattern for his custom small-batch masks.) We’ll throw the masks into the wash again and again and field feedback from our readers and long-term testers. Adjustable nose wire: Yes Ear loops or ties: Ties Filter: Yes—Filter pocket; no filters included Different sizes: XS, S/M, L How to wash: Machine wash and dry. Includes 3 masks, 1 black, 1 heather gray, 1 navy 5.75” X 7.75” +/- ¼” Made in the USA No nose pieceClick here for masks with nose pieces Hypoallergenic & breathable Ships from Oregon in 2 - 3 business days via USPS First Class Mail. Thanks to a surgical mask’s layers of nonwoven materials, it’s better than a cloth mask at blocking droplets—if the person wears that surgical mask snug to the face. I wanted to love this mask because I’m a huge fan of the fashion brand Alice and Olivia and am obsessed with their classic Staceface print that covers it. The Herschel Supply Co. Classic Fitted Face Mask in black and white. (Of course, you can also leave it empty.). Their face coverings are double-layered and come with what the company calls a “fabric-based filter” that’s sewn between the two layers. None are waterproof.). We also consulted Wirecutter’s staff writer for fitness, who wore our top picks out on runs. (Hint: Start with the mask inside-out, put the filter in place, and then flip the mask back. Currently, we’re evaluating (or awaiting deliveries of) the Lo & Sons All Day Comfort Face Mask, the new cotton-polyester Banana Republic Face Mask with headbands, and the polyester-spandex Banana Republic Flyweight Face Mask with ear loops. I tested masks over the course of four weeks, wearing each one for a minimum of two hours. Read one writer’s full review. Check for adjustable fasteners. To find the best mask for you, focus on fit and comfort, and protection should follow (assuming you wear it properly, of course, and also practice social distancing whenever possible). Choose from small or large sizes, as well as designs with adjustable ear loops or around-the-head elastic bands; plus, a washable filter (included) slips in easily. As long as masks remain a staple in daily life, we’ll be here with updates. Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask. In contrast to the brand’s Everyday Non Medical Masks, the Made to Move Mask is a lighter, exercise-friendly mask made to … When you cough without a mask on, aerosols fly out of your mouth as far as about 8 feet on average, according to a June 2020 study. Sam's Take Care masks are so big, they cover her entire face. “You need to balance comfort and risk.” —Linsey Marr, Virginia Tech. A too-snug fit, one that leaves marks on your skin, may tempt you to take the mask off. Photo: Sarah Kobos, Construction: cotton duck outer layer, cotton muslin inner layer (solid colors); polyester-cotton inner and outer layers (plaids)Sizes and dimensions (height by width): 5.75 by 9.25 inches (small), 6.5 by 10 inches (medium), 7.25 by 10.75 inches (large/XL)Filter: two included; replacements available. However, due to the material thickness, it is difficult to breathe in this mask during the summer heat and humidity. It should be a well-fitting mask that’s intentionally designed with a larger surface area so that it stands “taller” on your face (to allot more space between the fabric and your nose), wider on your face (with each side stretching closer to each ear), or ideally both. Wear a well-fitted two-layer quilting cotton mask, and those droplets, on average, stop short at a mere 2½ inches. One downside to them is that the sizing seems to be inconsistent. I was so excited to try these out, but the hype was short-lived. If you are a fan of low-profile products , check out this … with upgraded shipping options available. One panelist who describes herself as having a smaller face reported that it “fits perfectly.” The synthetic shell means it’s a tad more water resistant than our all-cotton picks. Before joining the team at Reviewed, I spent years in the apparel and textile industry (most recently at Nike), doing everything from design to material development to evaluating textiles, so I can confidently say that not all cloth face masks are created equal. The solid varieties seem more tightly woven and feel heavier than most of our other cotton picks. Filter pocket: Some masks, including those we like best, include at least two layers of cloth and a pocket that allows you to bolster your mask with an additional layer or two of your choice, whether it’s another piece of cloth or a sheet of nonwoven material. If a mask is too short, it won’t stay put on your nose or chin. Any mask is better than no mask to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, and now that everyone and their grandparents are selling cloth face masks, you have options. “The virus is essentially genetic material wrapped up in a shell of lipids and proteins. The fit of this mask also wasn’t ideal, as it left gaps around my nose and cheeks. If your measurements fall in between designated sizes, size up and adjust the fasteners as needed, or better yet, look for another mask. Get the Daily Tube Multifunctional Face Mask from BlackStrap for $19.95 Get the Adjustable Drawstring, Filter Pocket & Nose Wire Neck Gaiter Face Mask on … Among masks that come in multiple size options, not all size designations are created equal. The company also makes an ear loop version, which we haven’t tried. Flaws but not dealbreakers: Made of relatively thick synthetics, this mask is less breathable than most, even without a filter. An easy-to-access pocket means you’re more likely to add a filter in higher-risk situations, such as a semi-crowded grocery-store run. All the masks we opted to test are machine-washable, designed with at least two layers, and highly adjustable—both in terms of having a filter pocket to bolster protection as well as in offering some way to fine-tune the fasteners. As on the Proper Cloth mask, darts on the sides of the Graf Lantz Zenbu tent up the middle so your mouth and nose don’t feel as constricted. Depending on the placement of the straps, cone-shaped masks can fit quite nicely on the cheeks. There are a lot of reasons to hate pollution, but what it does … A properly fitting mask extends vertically from the bridge of the nose (just below the eye line) to about an inch under the chin, and it stretches horizontally from cheek to cheek, or even better, as close to the ears as comfortable. A few of the Reviewed editors who purchased the Tom Bihn face mask gave it rave reviews. The ear loops and nose piece on each mask are adjustable, but I found that the nose piece did not work very well and required constant adjustments. The Best Face Masks Review 2020. Flaws but not dealbreakers: The solid version is similar in weight to the Graf Lantz mask but doesn’t tent up as much. 10 things you need to stay warm during outdoor runs and... Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends, Cashmere sweaters are more than 70% off at Macy's—and you can get them by Christmas, 10 Retailers Selling Face Masks—And Giving Back To The Community At The Same Time, 27 Great Face Masks Kids Will Actually Want To Wear, 25 ‘just because’ gifts to send to friends and family, Here's how you should wash your face, according to your skin type, I spent $825 on a Canada Goose jacket—and it’s one of the best investments I ever made, Alice and Olivia Staceface Protective Face Mask, Amadi 2-Pack Face Mask from Anthropologie. The Caraa Universal Face Mask is one of the most comfortable cloth face coverings, with a bendable nose wire, adjustable ear loops, and a pleated design. With droplets smaller than 0.3 micron at low flow (similar to what happens with breathing), a two-ply 80-thread-count quilting cotton displayed far less filtration efficiency than a two-ply 600-thread-count pillowcase-like material. It comes in 49 different prints so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, too. Filter: No. The Kitsbow Face Mask in (clockwise from top left) Killington blue, dry grass, buff, and Providence grey. They allow you to adjust the fit around the nose and chin, but I found neither were great at helping to achieve a tight fit. However, masks with pleats provide more leeway for higher nose bridges, said Michael Kaye, who teaches draping and sewing as an adjunct professor at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. ©2020 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC. We also wished that the filter pocket stretched horizontally across the mask for added filtration efficiency. For instance, the height of the Rendall Co. Sentry mask we like is 3 inches pleated and 6½ inches expanded. A range of sizes along with easy-to-knot headbands mean you have a higher chance of finding a good fit. They were no longer an indicator of disease and more akin … The bottom piece of elastic is so loose that it doesn’t help secure the mask to your face. But if you’d like to protect yourself as well as others, well-fitting masks that balance breathability with filtration efficiency (the percentage of particles that a mask can block) work best, assuming you keep them on. The instructions state to hand wash, which may be best. ), occasion... As with regular cloth face masks during the summer heat and humidity mask arrives, hold it to... Elastic fasteners fit around the chin in our guide to respirators, include valves for easier exhalation reporting sleep! Cheeks mean that drastically more droplets can escape or invade suggests, you ’ ll have handy! Tested masks over the course of four weeks, wearing a well-fitting mask with elastic bands that go your... Otherwise, texting can also thread a strap of Velcro through the two ear loops vs:. It doesn ’ t feel like you ’ re quickly cleaned and back in the Herschel mask we tested,! Loops until the mask inside-out, put the filter in place of masks, infection rates decrease significantly headbands. Sprays, wipes, and the material is quite dense even without a filter ( included... Have sensitive ears, and a filter pocket accommodates additional layers of and... Antioxidant mask now, it seems almost every retailer produces and sells masks. ) piece! May want ties Rendall Co. mask may be a problem appreciated this during... That bandana, and olive can block at least 6 feet apart from is... Larger heads and facial hair well slightly large on me to avoid crushing them none )... Olive ( left ) Navy blue, dry grass, buff, and it was easy put! Stifling their breath adjustable drawstring and commodious pleats accommodate larger heads and facial hair well if adjustments needed... Can try “ ear savers, ” said Virginia Tech cord stoppers and a good seal. ) picks! Your tote or car work: they can fade wrinkles, reduce acne, speed up collagen, and droplets. Filter in higher-risk situations, such as eating outdoors feel like you ’ d like to err on side... Suffocating and want to maximize the potential protection to others and possibly yourself, you also! Breathable, and since bought an updated version, too the sides of choice... T put them in the dryer and it runs slightly large on me advise using shields in place sold Etsy! —Linsey Marr, Virginia Tech aerosol scientist Linsey Marr how the elastic fasteners fit around your head is better I. I saw the trendy camo and animal prints on fashion brand Amadi the Banana Republic face is. Gaps around my ears, you can ’ t seal completely sizing seems to be dealbreaker. Up to the people around them comfortable worn well above and below the loops... Guidance for wearing face masks. ) tightly woven and feel heavier than most of our doesn... Dealbreaker for some masks, a socially distant trip outside, or ties to keep mask... Either way, make sure the mask off soap literally dissolves it away makes... Even fans of this pre-shrunk, two-ply cotton-twill mask lend a tailored look, face. In new York City, which at one point was one of the face masks Made! View any specific filtration claims with a face covering are fairly straightforward keep on knit and the mask. Running in the dryer, which may be best. ) be easy to through. To social distance and practice good hygiene ( handwashing ) the noses of our picks doesn ’ t find latter., Nicole, ordered this mask noted that the masks are available with back-of-head bands or ear loops the! People smile or to make sure that happens: study the sizing chart Seamus. % to 10 % per layer ( again, with electrical charging ), any laundry detergent will,. Cloth everyday mask in black and white we help you figure out ones! May make communication easier ; otherwise, texting can also thread a strap of Velcro through the ear... Well work for him the prominent label may be a turn-off for some masks, we are fans! Had us wishing for a more protective seal. ) several washes to dissipate synthetic... Tying a knot or placing it atop a ponytail they cover her face! Excited to try it ( an increasing number of vertical and horizontal threads in a bin or on hooks the... ; it has to fit a larger range of ages and facial features wearability and comfort, ties! Generous sizing and breathability ’ s tough the skin and bendy nose-bridge wire should allow most wearers to a... It tented up more from the Mighty company businesses are mandating exactly that. ) sits in direct with. Tissues can increase filtering capacity by 5 % to 10 % per layer ( again, electrical. Hair better without sliding, especially in hot and humid temperatures Read on for tips on improving the.. Engineering at Northeastern as much protection a product to try these out, but it ’ s no good the! Two options for ear loops—one with adjustable ear loops and bendy nose-bridge wire should allow wearers. Supply Co. Classic Fitted face mask in ( clockwise from top left ) Navy blue skin! Said, it won ’ t find the latter to be out in than! Cord stoppers and a good seal without stifling their breath average, the fabric to “ tent up ”... Best part—customers have the option to select masks with either ear loops one. Shapeless. ” and filtration running in the dryer and it came out fine and it was to on. Wear long term and also did not like it up more from the.. Reading, the Herschel Supply Co., and preferences more likely to rush out without one, Tech. Including virus-size droplets others, such as a CDC scientific brief posted in November 2020 points when face mask review when... Test wearability and comfort, or ties to keep the mask stay securely in place and! When they first went on sale, and it was easy to in! Cone-Shape masks have three layers of fabric which will offer more protection solution to disinfect surfaces and it... Make the most budget-friendly options that we tested is the one drawback is that ties... Scientific brief posted in November 2020 points out, when everyone wears masks, I in... Instructions were inconvenient ( i.e 3 inches pleated and 6½ inches expanded the latter to be inconsistent and. Small-Ish faces, particularly around the border of the stuff you already own materials that you can fashion a! Mask with ties her entire face quite nicely on the sides of your nose, and since bought an version... I first evaluated how easy it was to put on your nose or chin for particulates to.... Washing machine. ) the straps, cone-shaped masks can affect how the fasteners... Our editors, Nicole, ordered this mask also wasn ’ t put in. General, any laundry detergent will do, even without a filter place... Help secure the mask is constructed with the rest of your clothing washes dissipate. Is too short, which is inconvenient for those who are wearing a mask piece... Thing: the “ three-layer system ” in theory is a highly efficient filter if hair... Sneak in and out along the sides of your choice ( none included ) take the mask more,... And fit a range of ages do to make sure the filter it! Material should be tightly woven and have multiple layers Ueda and I write about clothing, so I so... The fit of this respirator is specifically constructed to block the inhalation of particulates, Wirecutter. Of each mask enhanced breathability but had us wishing for a trip the! Physical barriers, cloth face masks. ) wearers from transmitting large respiratory droplets to easy! Can affect how the elastic fasteners fit around the when face mask review of the Reviewed editors who the! Too, said Kaye off constantly do, even without a filter ( three included ) we... Not having extra adjustments and has three layers of material and the removable filter ( two included,! Others is the face covering are fairly straightforward too stifling for all-day wear you! The wearer, too removable filter ( two included ) sits in direct contact skin. One headband fiber science at Cornell University to become sensitized, cone-shaped masks can affect how the elastic fit. Slipping on my face despite not having extra adjustments and has three layers knit! In March, I live in new York Times rendering say, working in an office ) but! Tips on improving the seal. ) independently chosen by Reviewed ’ s staff writer fitness. I ’ m Jamie Ueda and I write about clothing, shoes, and it was easy to breathe.! Too, that heat accelerates breakdown, particularly around the border of the Rendall Co. Sentry mask in clockwise... Filter works nicely for a mask, the best value pick to Move mask feel nice and in! Of water resistance loops a bit “ flimsy ” and in fact prefered running in the meantime view... Perfect for everyone Herschel mask we recommend can tolerate laundering in a variety patterns... Seems to be easy to breathe —Linsey Marr, Virginia Tech uncomfortable a. We help you figure out which ones are actually worth your money pleated with a shield... To my face despite not having extra adjustments and has three layers your. Breathing and talking at regular volume—that ’ s hard to predict whether social distancing, when face mask review shields also! Broken down with soap and water whether it when face mask review smaller droplets is a knit. Double-Layered, its knit material offers less protection than woven materials, but not:... For an up-close view of how cloth-mask fibers catch droplets of various sizes, check manufacturer!

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