Ours turns on and off 9 times now. Horrible customer service! This continued daily but the time until the time for the TV to turn on would get longer and longer until eventually it would never work. I had a rear projection tv that I had for 10 years and never had problems with it. The Geek Squad from Best Buy comes out and states that the TV will cost you a lot to have fixed and it is better for you to go and purchase a new one. I’m waiting until after the Super Bowl to see what I should do. Model #: UN55C6300SFXZA My TV shut powered off today and now only makes a clicking sound which is related to the resistors and capacitors. The best thing to do (IMO) would be to call Samsung.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I asked if they could send the parts to me and I will fix it myself and their answer was no I had to go through the service repair provider. We did have a problem in Jan.,2012; we called Samsung -we were put in touch with a local repair co – LakeElectronics Inc., they scheduled an appointment for us – their technician -named Dennis -came he was very knowledgable -and fix the “capacitor” problem -and we weren’t charged thank you Tom Caterina, Your email address will not be published. can we reopen the claim? Samsung apparently wanted to save 5 cents or so on each capacitor by not using proper ones with ample amount of capacity to handle the load. My service appointment was set up for today when but nobody showed up I called the repair service provider and they told me Samsung had cancelled my appointment because the replacement parts are no longer available!! Samsung has reached a class action lawsuit settlement resolving allegations it sold defective televisions that cause a number of problems. I had bought A large screen Samsung flat screen costing $3000.00 from Sams Club in 2008. You can submit your information here: https://topclassactions.com/start-a-class-action/. Anyway, … I will make it my goal to spread how much they suck to all of my friends and family. It seems like a small victory for me, but I am sorry for all others that Samsung will not do it for them. Im game for new lawsuit. I had this problem right before my warranty expired less than 2 years ago. An example of decoding the model number of a Samsung TV on quantum dots in 2019 QN65Q900RBFXZA. Crazy. Samsung’s denial to repair these defective tv’s is not only a travesty, but immoral. is_redirect && ! }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );, [gravityform id="805" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values="l=CA"],

They need to be need to be accountable for their defects I will never buy a Samsung TV again!!!!!! To find out if you have a case, simply complete the form on this page. We tell you about cash you can claim every week! Not wanting to buy a new TV or pay an estimated $150 to have it repaired, I grabbed my trusty soldering iron and went to work. LCD Plasma TV Samsung LN46A550 Monitor Capacitor Repair Kit, Capacitors Replacement Parts ONLY. They denied it is on the list, however, the model no. The Samsung TV settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, entitled Russell, et al. Enter you washer's 15 digit Serial Number below, and then select Check. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! When i called samsung in 2013 to complain about it. To verify if your washer is included in this recall please: Click Select Model below. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. I will never buy a Samsung again!!!! The TVs covered by the proposed settlement include LCD, plasma, and DLP models made before December 31, 2008. Discuss: Samsung settlement warrants older TVs with faulty capacitors, Click through to Samsung's dedicated Web site at www.samsung.com/us/capacitorsettlement/. An example of decoding the model number of a Samsung TV on quantum dots in 2019 QN65Q900RBFXZA. QN65Q – everything is clear here, this is the type of TVs on quantum dots. Though Samsung knew these on-going problems on many Samsung TVs, they kept selling defective TVs continuously. But do I expect them to cover this repair when they have a know problem such as this which happened over a period of years? It began making a clicking noise when we attempted to turn it on, using the remote. For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. I never received anything about the settlement and if I did I would have definitely called Samsung to get it taken care of. What options do I have? The benefits include extension of a warranty for 18 months after March 2, 2012, a "free service visit" to determine if your TV has the issue, and refunds for related expenses and/or payments via debit card or cash. http://vitamincm.com/fix-samsung-tv-capacitorThis video shows you how to replace the blown capacitors in your broken Samsung TV. Why weren’t we told about the class action suit??? 99. I have a 2007 Samsung plasma and am experiencing the same issues. While we loved our 60″ Samsung LCD TV the first 5 years, The past year, we’ve had nothing but problems. And I have been doing more searches on Startpage.com and reading about more complaints concerning these Samsung power supply capacitor issues, because I also own 2 22" Samsung SyncMaster monitors I had for over 3 years and cost $400 each and I use a LOT, and people are also now complaining about those failing in large numbers. I believe that the entire circuit board needs to be replaced. I called Samsung about my 60 led tv powering itself on and off in frequent cycles and they said there is nothing thy can do for me because my tv was manufactured in the spring of 2010 and they are only covering compactors covered prior to 2008. '> WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM The television models covered under the Samsung TV capacitor settlement are: If you own one of these Samsung TVs and experienced one or more of the Covered TV Symptoms listed above, or if you experience a Covered TV Symptom within 18 months after March 2, 2012, you can claim one of the following benefits from the Samsung TV class action lawsuit settlement: In other words, a customer who repaired the set may receive up to $600 for diagnosis, repairs, and shipping, plus $50 if they need more repairs; while a customer who no longer has the set can still receive up to $450 for diagnosis and compensation. SHAME ON SAMSUNG! 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