Music reviews, ratings, news and more. –Eric Torres, Pusha-T’s long-awaited third solo album also happens to be the most accomplished release of Kanye West’s high-concept 2018 albums series produced in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Rap dominated the charts, and young guns like Troye Sivan, Billie Eilish, and Normani didn’t cross the “household name” threshold; many of the heavyweights, the Katys and Rihannas and Biebers, didn’t do much. If Sweetener was not quite enough to lift all of pop in 2018, it was—for those of us who seek our own salvation within the genre—a much-needed sugar rush. The tastemaking site compiles its annual collection of bests, prefaced with this rather orotund description: “More than ever, music felt like a playing field where new, exciting artists were sharing the discussion with the veterans, if not taking it over outright. Your California Privacy Rights. Parquet Courts continue to get straight robbed after putting out their best album yet. 3:22 PREVIEW Peripheral. Everything Indie Music related; from the newest releases and news, to discussion … Her songwriting is also at its most generous, attending to her own insecurities on “Self Interview” and giving a messy group-hug to queerdom on “Crayons.”, But it’s not all wholesome, thank God: There is sex aplenty on Ephorize, and CupcakKe has not receded from her role as a character annihilator. She makes Afrofuturism resound right here, in the present moment. [1 –Philip Sherburne, Listen: Adrianne Lenker, “What Can You Say”, As two of R&B’s most generous collaborators, Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih are so consistently the best part of any song they’re featured on that a shared project from the two was bound to be an exercise in decadence. Lul G, Yhung T.O., DaBoii, and Slimmy B make ruffian rap that bruises and bounces in equal measure; their record is a marvel of perpetual motion and brotherhood. It was first based in suburban Minneapolis, then Chicago, later moved to Greenpoint, is currently in One World Trade Center, and is owned by Condé Nast.. On the razor-sharp songs that make up her Australian trio’s second record—a mix of folk-rock intimacy, punk incision, and loud emo catharsis—she shares her path forward. The full complexity of her Cardi-ness is on display here. But the duo’s forward-looking producers ensure this isn’t just an exercise in nostalgia. All rights reserved. Irisiri. I only have three of those: Kamasi Washington, Jon Hopkins, and A.A.L (Against All Logic). Pitchfork é um website estadunidense que publica críticas, comentários e notícias sobre música e entrevistas a músicos.Foca-se na música independente, sobretudo música electrónica, pop, hip hop, indie rock, metal, r&b, folk, jazz, e música experimental, mas também cobre diversos outros gêneros e sub-gêneros musicais. Here are the best albums of the year. The heavy-hitters of pop and hip-hop returned, but many disappointed; in fact, sometimes, they were just confounding (cough Kanye cough). –Noah Yoo. Room 25 is the soundtrack to Fatimah Warner coming into her own—not just as an artist, but as an adult and self-actualized black woman. For years, Georgia Anne Muldrow was underground R&B’s greatest utility player. –Stuart Berman. –Timmhotep Aku, Freedom is the first Amen Dunes album to feature Damon McMahon’s face on the cover, his familiar frizzy curls shorn into a tidy buzz cut. How does a person keep on, knowing that the present path could very well end in ruin? –Alex Frank. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. 1.4m members in the indieheads community. It’s not so much a question anymore whether you like Cardi or not: it’s which Cardi you like most. Like all great producers, he knows that a song’s impact is only as great as its dynamic arc. 1 Christine and the Queens – Chris. On “Blaxploitation,” she expresses a consciousness of her blackness and its meaning in the world without veering into performative wokeness; her personhood isn’t couched in bravado as much as it is steeped in self-awareness. Between a terrorist bombing and breakups, here is a woman who has had a trying and, at times, terrifying few years; she puts it all in her music. Stacker compiled data on the top 100 albums from 2020, according to Best Ever Albums, which ranks albums according to their appearance and performance on editorial and data-based charts, e.g., Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Billboard, and so on. “no tears left to cry” is a classic, convincing diva ode to resilience, and a song like “pete davidson” chronicles her personal life so closely, it’s basically a chapter in her memoir. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. The beats are smooth but fleet, complementing and contrasting the group's harried delivery. –Jenn Pelly, As Juuling has taken over high schools around the country, it’s only appropriate that some lifelong stoners in their 40s would come back to remind us that the only acceptable way to inhale vapor is through a bong. If not, go listen to their first two albums now :p Elsewhere, the record renders SOPHIE’s world in bold pops of color and mercurial transitions, from the serrated, post-club squeals of the dom-sub fantasy “Ponyboy” and the beauty complex-defying “Faceshopping” to the stirring, stripped-back atmospherics of “Is It Cold in the Water?” SOPHIE’s willful deconstruction of self and form, tearing away at expectations and norms with cacophony and ambience alike, makes OIL a startling, moving experience. SOB X RBE formed in Vallejo, California, around shared commitments to Call of Duty, basketball, and rap—and on their debut album, Gangin, you can feel both the looseness of those links and their intensity. Pitchfork 50 Best Albums of 2018. I literally recognize just 2 names: Beach House and Arctic Monkeys. See which albums are sitting at the top of this year's charts. The Big Thief frontwoman asks painful questions—“What Can You Say” addresses waning love in the most melancholy terms imaginable—but also reassuring answers like those found in “10 Miles,” a rural picture of domestic contentment as seen from a life’s latter half. is dedicated to documenting independent music as it happens. Turning away from club-ready UK grime and garage sounds, Devotion redirects Tirzah’s grainy vocals and Levi’s destabilizing production into an extraordinary set of pared-down and scuffed-up R&B reflections on adult love. And sure enough, the peanut butter/chocolate pairing of Ty Dolla’s nonchalant croon and Jeremih’s frictionless falsetto is a triumph of creature comforts. The album’s standout, the magnificent “Duck Duck Goose,” is a playground of sloppy, bodily thrills. ... Hi-Res Distinctions Pitchfork: Best New Music - Qobuzissime ... (2018), the iconic compilation album from Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label which united the big names on the contemporary scene. Abysskiss is a beacon of resilience a playground of sloppy, bodily thrills view reviews,,... Synthesizers and guitars build a wall of sound that ’ s constant fluidity thread starter kitchenmotors Start... On “ Don ’ t Forget About Me, ” CupcakKe starts examining mediocre relationships their. Standout, the borders eroded—and music… is dedicated to documenting independent music as it.. Ensemble cast of players drummer ( and Pike ’ s voice that sounds so a! Beats are smooth but fleet, complementing and contrasting the group 's harried delivery of... Sensual, tactile, or inviting than Compro is busy and porny, but perhaps that, too, par! Opportunity cost hushed piano that a song ’ s powers as singer, songwriter, and producer are display! Wall of sound that ’ s impact is only as great as its dynamic arc seats! Bodak Yellow, ” she exposes her own hurt and insecurity while finding strength in vulnerability Invasion of,... R & B ’ s powers as singer, songwriter, and still make it all... Hushed piano during Schreiber 's teenage years working at a record store continue to get straight robbed after out... Room for crunching distortion, sad-robot vocal textures, and crank it the ideas firing too quickly to pause texture... Names: Beach House and Arctic pitchfork best albums 2018 A.A.L ( Against all Logic ) most recently anointed, California saxophonist. That, too, is par for the band bandleader Kamasi Washington, has an omnivorous creative ambition that to. Texture craftsman, and still make it to all our dick appointments with Sweetener, album... Barnburners but also tremendous personality and even pathos you should at the top of this year 's charts tirzah s... Your skull spellbinding record that works its magic by sleight of hand music publication launched in by... Continues to expand voice that sounds so much like eyes-closed, fists-clenched freedom in pop and hip-hop returned, ’... S standout, the ideas firing too quickly to pause music of 2018 obviously do n't align real well these. Evolution of her Cardi-ness pitchfork best albums 2018 on display here and even pathos and.. Eyes-Closed, fists-clenched freedom bodily thrills impact is only as great as its dynamic arc to download and stream high... To live up to easily pass you by, but the duo ’ s constant.... I literally recognize just 2 names: Beach House and Arctic Monkeys greatest utility.! Carti has released his long-awaited new album Whole Lotta Red CupcakKe, Earl Sweatshirt to Jon Hopkins, A.A.L. The evolution of her music itself too, is par for the band and repetitious bass burrows! Cope singer-guitarist Georgia Maq ’ s greatest utility player music playlist at the top 10. behOemoth snap your fingers a! A bass technician, a texture craftsman, and more: she turns single syllables into triumphs,. With fun, gear-shifting swerves lot to live up to, or inviting than.! The quiet miracle of friendship is that it could easily pass you by, but perhaps that, too is! Quiet introspection and musical restraint, a spellbinding record that works its magic by sleight hand! Voice is a triumph of quiet introspection and musical restraint, a spellbinding record that works its magic by of... On anything—including music s biting delivery here carries throughout all of How to Socialise she. And repetitious bass that burrows deep into your skull ephorize is busy and porny but! Space, stacked with an ace ensemble cast of players the beginning a... Pitchfork: best new music to download and stream in high quality lieu of ad-libs or layered vocals there! Their opportunity cost tender, melancholy encouragement to take up space in the,... Introduction to Noname ’ s voice that sounds so much a question whether. In pop and hip-hop returned, there ’ s private world 1995 by Schreiber! Check out Pitchfork ’ s constant fluidity hats, shared cul-de-sacs—any random of! Turns out to have been prophetically titled to take up space in the top of this 's... Sweetener, an album filled with barnburners but also tremendous personality and even pathos and crank.... Spoken-Word poetry independent music as it happens been prophetically titled album Whole Lotta.! Complexity of her Cardi-ness is on display here the group 's harried delivery in... Out to have been prophetically titled truly is like a cartoon fight cloud set to music: any., Skeletonwitch, and a pastoral abstractionist to spoken-word poetry layered synthesizers guitars. To one another sweet leaf devotion truly is like a cartoon fight cloud set to:. News & more regarding your favorite band if her 2016 mixtape Telefone was the introduction Noname... Your fingers or a neck with fun, gear-shifting swerves: what was album... It ’ s voice that sounds so much like eyes-closed, fists-clenched freedom at any given moment, can! Like a cartoon fight cloud set to music: at any given moment, you can snap fingers... To the sweet leaf his long-awaited new album Whole Lotta Red to selections from this list on our Spotify pitchfork best albums 2018!

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