At the time of its shutdown, Festival had an estimated 30,000 subscribers, far below HBO's reach of 15.9 million subscribers and a distant last place in subscriber count among the eight American premium cable services in operation at the time.[207][202][208][209][210]. [282][298] As a result of the 1989 Time-Warner merger, HBO and Cinemax hold pay-cable exclusivity over all newer Warner Bros. films for the duration of their joint ownership. [340][341], The network's first successful documentary was the six-part 1979 miniseries Time Was, a Dick Cavett-hosted retrospective that took a historical look at an individual decade in the 20th century—from the 1920s up to the 1970s—over the course of each episode. Around this time, Cinemax also began airing adult-oriented softcore pornographic films and series—containing strong sexual content and nudity—in varying late night timeslots (usually no earlier than 11:30 p.m. Eastern and Pacific); this programming block, originally airing under the "Friday After Dark" banner (renamed "Max After Dark" in 2008 to better reflect its prior expansion to a nightly block), would become strongly associated with the channel among its subscribers and in pop culture. )[130][131][132][133] The adoption of the DigiCipher allowed Home Box Office, Inc. to transmit three HBO feeds and the primary Cinemax channel through the compression standard to participating systems that adopted the technology. (Outside of HBO Family, which regularly airs archived family-oriented series and specials, this may vary on the channel's daily schedule. Cinemax is an American pay television network owned by the Home Box Office, Inc. subsidiary of WarnerMedia Entertainment. [129], On January 1, 1993, HBO and Cinemax—accompanied by Showtime and The Movie Channel—became the first television services in the world to transmit their signals using digital compression technology. Home Box Office (HBO) is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by Time Warner through its respective flagship company Home Box Office, Inc. On September 30, 1975, the "Thrilla in Manila" boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier aired on HBO (under a licensing agreement with television program distributor Video Techniques) and was the first program on the pay cable network to be broadcast via satellite. Also factoring into the move was HBO parent WarnerMedia's then-recent ownership transfer to AT&T, and the network's efforts to focus around its scripted programming; network executives were of the opinion that "HBO [was] not a sports network. [118][119][120][121][122] By May 1987, HBO's programming was received by approximately 15 million subscribers across about 6,700 cable systems nationwide. Notably for a premium service, Festival aired re-edited R-rated movies intended to fit a PG rating. [97], After having only produced a limited amount of unscripted programming since the debut of its first weekly series, Inside the NFL, in September 1977, 1983 saw HBO venture into original scripted programming. On January 10, 1983, HBO premiered its first regularly scheduled children's program, Fraggle Rock. During the network's early years, HBO aired other interstitials in-between programs. [100] The first phase of the switchover took place on September 4, 1981, when HBO adopted a "24-hour" weekend schedule (typically running about 58 consecutive hours, from 5:00 p.m. ET/PT Friday until 3:00 a.m. ET/PT Sunday/early Monday), facilitated through an agreement between HBO and Modern Talking Pictures, then-owner of the Modern Satellite Network (MSN; now defunct), in which both companies traded portions of the leased timeslots corresponding to their respective Satcom I transponders. The first "It's not TV, It"s HBO" show. [294][295][296][297] Since 1984, HBO Films has also maintained an exclusive licensing agreement with HBO (later expanded to include Cinemax) for theatrical productions produced by the unit and, since HBO became co-owned with the film division through the 1989 Time-Warner merger, distributed through Warner Bros. Entertainment. [103] HBO is also noted for its Sports of the 20th Century documentary brand. [56][59][60][61][62] (Manhattan Cable turned its first quarterly profits in the first half of 1976, generated in part from, among other factors, revenue from HBO subscriptions. Great drama. As the camera pans out of the apartment window, a continuous stop motion flight (filmed on a computer-controlled camera) occurs over a custom-built model cityscape and countryside set against a painted twilight cyclorama. Editor's Note: TBA Another program built on similar groundwork, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel—which eventually became the network's flagship sports newsmagazine—premiered on April 2, 1995. [223], HBO on Demand is HBO's companion subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service that is available at no additional cost to subscribers of the linear television service, who regularly pay a premium fee to pay television providers to receive access to the channel. Entertainment Television is an American basic cable and satellite television network, owned by NBCUniversal. Hot on the heels of the release of the HBO Max app on Playstation 5, Roku, Inc. and WarnerMedia today announced an agreement to bring HBO Max to the Roku platform. Young bankers and traders make their way in … The watershed policy was extended to cover TV-MA-rated programs when the TV Parental Guidelines were implemented industry-wide on January 1, 1997. The contracts related to this arrangement dated to May 1969, when Manhattan Cable Television first signed a one-year, $300,000 contract with Madison Square Garden to broadcast 125 sports events held at the arena, and was extended for five additional years in November 1970. [419] (The 1975 and 1980 versions were used concurrently in on-air identifications and certain network promos until the former was fully discontinued in June 1981.) What if HBO Broadcasted Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios Movies? [251] On June 12, 2020, WarnerMedia announced that HBO Now would be rebranded solely as HBO on August 1. [26], On Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an approval rating of 79% with an average rating of 7.77/10, based on 33 reviews. Select WTA Tour events also aired on the network from 1977 to 1979. (Most cable, satellite and IPTV providers as well as its Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and Roku OTT channels only offer the East and West Coast feeds of the main HBO channel; some conventional television providers may include coastal feeds of HBO2 in certain areas, while wider availability of coastal feeds for the other five multiplex channels is limited to subscribers of DirecTV, YouTube TV and the Hulu live TV service. [97] Then-HBO President James Heyworth said the decision was effectively forced by rival Showtime's announcement of its pending switch to a 24-hour daily schedule effective July 4 (both announcements were made at that year's National Cable Television Association [NCTA] Convention),[98] as well as the prior switches of The Movie Channel (on December 1, 1979)[99] and Cinemax (on January 1, 1981) to 24-hour programming. From June 1996 until May 2006, the presentations were marketed as the "Saturday Night Guarantee" to denote a promise of "a new movie [premiering] every Saturday night" all 52 weeks of the year. HBO also does not typically allow most NC-17 rated films to be aired on the primary channel or its multiplex channels. Like HBO's later family programming services, Festival and HBO Family, Take 2 prohibited the broadcast of R-rated theatrical films on its schedule. [368][369][370] On November 1, 1972, one week before HBO formally launched, Madison Square Garden granted Sterling the rights to televise its sporting events to cable television systems outside New York City. The evidence leading to his arrest included an envelope left by Berman after her murder and provided to the filmmakers for analysis by her stepson, Sareb Kaufman, with misspelled block letter handwriting matching an anonymous envelope sent to police in December 2000 to alert them to Berman's murder, and a rambling apparent confession by Durst—unaware that the microphone attached to him for his interview with Jarecki was still recording—to the murders of all three victims.[351][352]. VOD content from the network is also available on select virtual MVPD services (including sister properties AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now and AT&T WatchTV, and Hulu) and through HBO's dedicated OTT video channels on Apple TV Channels, Amazon Video Channels, and The Roku Channel. HBO and other sponsors handled all or most of the incurred costs of the Comic Relief events to ensure that money raised or contributed is distributed to the charity.[364]. [40][49][66][67][68][69] Time/HBO reached agreements with various cable system operators—including MSOs like American Television and Communications Corporation,[69][70] Comcast,[71] Cox Cable[72] Jones Intercable,[70] Heritage Communications[73] and TelePrompTer Cable[74]—to redistribute the satellite feed. (An abbreviated version—shown during most non-prime-time programming until October 31, 1986, and thereafter for early-prime-time movie telecasts, aside from premieres and most weekend presentations—commenced from the starburst and the flight of the HBO "space station".)[421]. [199] Originally planned to launch around January 1, Take 2 launched on April 1, 1979; developed at the request of HBO's affiliate cable providers to meet consumer demand for an additional pay television offering, Take 2 was designed to cater to family audiences. (After HBO canceled the program, Inside the NFL was subsequently acquired by Showtime, under arrangement with CBS Sports, formally moving to the rival premium channel in September 2008. The service's format was intended to cater to prospective customers who were reluctant to pay for an HBO subscription because of its cost and the potentially objectionable content in some of its programming.[199]. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The former premiered in August 2001, won nine Emmys, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and a Peabody Award, and other awards. HBO's launch came with very little fanfare in the press; other than print advertisements promoting the launch in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the service's debut lacked coverage from local or national media outlets. All three deals were approved under a U.S. Department of Justice review greenlighting the Tri-Star venture in June of that year. The network previously produced three-to-five-minute-long feature segments that aired during longer-duration between-program promotional breaks, HBO News (1988–2011; formerly titled HBO Entertainment News from 1988 to 2007) and HBO Behind the Scenes (1982–1992). )[63], As Home Box Office's distribution expanded throughout the northern Mid-Atlantic United States, Time/Sterling established a network of microwave receivers and connecting cables on utility landlines to feed HBO's programming from the New York relay antenna to the service's participating cable systems. The film—which had a limited theatrical release in New York City and Los Angeles, and aired on HBO in November 2009—covered Obama's 2006 trip to Africa, his presidential primary campaign, the 2008 general election and his first Presidential inauguration. [40][42][79][80][81] The network's programming expanded with the switch to satellite transmission, operating daily from 1:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. ET/PT in an extension of its weekend schedule to weekdays. Before winning an Emmy for writing his HBO drama “Succession,” Jesse Armstrong made an appearance on the Blacklist in 2010 for a project called “Murdoch.” The logline? [14][238] Available for $15 per month, HBO Now was identical to the former HBO Go in terms of content and features. Although struck with the intent to having the show remain on PBS in some fashion, the nonprofit production company reached the deal due to cutbacks resulting from declines in public and private donations, distribution fees paid by PBS member stations and licensing for merchandise sales. TV Talk - Industry (HBO) - premieres 11/9/20 - From first-time creators Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, HBO's new eight-episode drama series INDUSTRY debuts MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) and follows a group of young graduates competing for a limited number of permanent positions at a leading international Created by Mickey Down, Konrad Kay. [115][116][117] The Federal Communications Commission subsequently charged MacDougall for "illegally operating a satellite uplink transmitter" in violation of the Communications Act of 1934, for which he pleaded guilty after deciding to cooperate with the FCC's investigation into the incident; under a plea bargain deal, MacDougall was fined $5,000, was put on unsupervised probation for one year, and had his amateur radio license suspended for one year. The logo would become widely recognized through a program opening sequence, often nicknamed "HBO in Space," produced in late 1981 by New York City-based production firm Liberty Studios and used in some capacity from September 20, 1982 to October 31, 1997. [319] In July 1987, HBO signed a five-year, $500-million deal for exclusive rights to 85 Paramount Pictures films to have been tentatively released between May 1988 and May 1993. [348] On March 28, 2013, the channel premiered the Alexandra Pelosi-directed Fall to Grace, about the infidelity scandal that led to the 2011 resignation of New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and resulted in him coming out as gay. … For HBO in other countries, see, "Home Box Office" redirects here. HBO premieres between five and seven comedy specials per year on average, usually making their initial broadcast in late Saturday prime time, following its weekly movie premiere presentation. HBO transmits feeds of its primary and multiplex channels on both Eastern and Pacific Time Zone schedules. The biographical film profiled the Canadian amputee runner (Eric Fryer) who embarked on a cross-country run across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer research before Fox's deteriorating health from advanced cancer (from which he succumbed) ended the trek after 143 days. (The "Sterling" name was subsequently removed from the Manhattan system, which was renamed "Manhattan Cable Television". [386][387], With the assistance of programming consultation and acquisition firm Trans World International,[388] the expansion into a national service resulted in HBO expanding its sports coverage to include a broader array of events from the United States and Canada, including North American Soccer League (1976–1978), select Amateur Athletic Union tournaments (1976–1981), select LPGA golf tournaments (1976–1978), championship rodeo (1976–1978), the USGF National Gymnastics Championships (1976–1981), Skate Canada International (1976–1978), the Canadian Football League (1976–1978), non-basketball NCAA tournaments including the Men's Gymnastics Championships (1976–1978) and the Division I Baseball Championships (1977–1978). )[324][325], In March 1995, HBO signed a ten-year deal with the then-upstart DreamWorks SKG valued at between $600 million and $1 billion, depending on the total output of films and generated revenue during the contract, covering the studio's tentative releases between January 1996 and December 2006. The original HBO logo—used from the channel's November 8, 1972 launch until April 30, 1975—consisted of a minimalist marquee light array surrounding a left-adjusted "Home Box Office" nameplate, rendered in mixed-caps, accompanied by a ticket stub image (the former and latter signifying the channel's initial film and event programming focus). [56] Over the two years following its launch, Home Box Office steadily expanded its regional reach: by January 1974, HBO was available on 14 cable systems in New York State and Pennsylvania;[57] and by June of that year, its regional coverage expanded into New Jersey. Most of the six HBO thematic multiplex channels—except for HBO Family, which prohibits programming containing either equivalent rating by effect of the channel's target audience[269]—air TV-MA and R-rated programming during morning and afternoon time periods. [372][373] (The NBA and NHL discontinued their HBO telecasts after their respective 1976–77 seasons. [44] The NCAA regular season and tournament events remained on HBO until the 1978–79 athletic season, shifting over to upstart basic cable network ESPN beginning with the 1979–80 athletic season under an exclusive national cable deal with the organization; USGF, AAU and select non-NCAA invitational events remained on the network until early 1981, thereafter limiting HBO's sports rights to boxing and Wimbledon. Cinemax, which experienced success with its mix of recent and older movies in its first four years of operation, replaced Take 2 as an add-on to HBO on many cable systems that carried the latter. ), HBO maintains a separate feed for the Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone—the only American cable-originated television network to offer a timeshift feed for Hawaii viewers—operating a three-hour-delayed version of the primary channel's Pacific Time feed for subscribers of Oceanic Spectrum, which otherwise transmits Pacific Time feeds for the six other HBO multiplex channels. [40], On April 11, 1975, Levin and Time-Life unveiled plans to begin distributing the HBO signal via geostationary communications satellite and feed it directly to cable providers throughout the United States. Festival is a defunct American premium cable television network that was owned by Home Box Office, Inc., then a subsidiary of Time Inc., which operated from 1986 to 1988. On average, movies occupy between 14 and 18 hours of the daily schedule on HBO and HBO2 (or as little as 12 hours on the latter, depending upon if HBO2 is scheduled to carry an extended "catch-up" marathon of an HBO original series), and up to 20 hours per day—depending on channel format—on its five thematic multiplex channels. The service is a predecessor to HBO Latino, which replaced HBO en Español in November 2000. The overall HBO business unit—based at WarnerMedia's corporate headquarters inside 30 Hudson Yards in Manhattan's West Side district—is one of WarnerMedia's most profitable assets (after Warner Bros. Entertainment), generating operating income of nearly $2 billion each year as of 2017. (An abbreviated variant that preceded movies aired outside of weekend prime time excerpts the footage following the skyscraper leap. [270] Cable providers were given permission to offer the unscrambled HBO content—aired for a single evening or, beginning in 1981 at the network level (as early as 1978 on some providers), over a two-day weekend (later extended to three days in 1997, then to a Friday-to-Monday "four-day weekend" format by 2008)—over a local origination channel, though satellite and digital cable providers elected instead to unencrypt the channels corresponding to each HBO feed for the preview period. [86] HBO achieved coast-to-coast distribution in December 1975, when TelePrompTer added the network to its Seattle–Tacoma, Washington, systems, extending its reach to the West Coast. Through 1979, HBO also carried various National Golden Gloves competitions, and from 1978 to 1979, carried the National Collegiate Boxing Association championships. Take 2 (informally referred to as "HBO Take 2") is a defunct American premium cable television network that was owned by Home Box Office, Inc., then a subsidiary of the Time-Life division of Time Inc., which operated from April 1979 to January 1981. [167][168][169], In an effort to reduce subscriber churn by offering extra programming choices to subscribers, on May 8, 1991, Home Box Office Inc. announced plans to launch two additional channels of HBO and Cinemax, becoming the first subscription television services to launch "multiplexed" companion channels (a term coined by then-CEO Michael Fuchs to equate the programming choices that would be provided to subscribers of the channel tier to that offered by multi-screen movie theaters), each available at no extra charge to subscribers of one or both networks. [365] For a time in the early 1980s, HBO produced a concert special almost every other month, featuring major music stars such as Boy George and The Who. In 1998, HBO 2 was rebranded as "HBO Plus", as part of a rebranding of HBO's multiplex channels as "HBO The Works". [18][19], Many HBO programs have been syndicated to broadcast and ad-supported pay television services (usually with edits for running time and/or objectionable content that indecency regulations enforced by jurisdictional telecommunications agencies or self-imposed by network Standards and Practices departments may prohibit from being broadcast terrestrially or through ad-supported cable networks), and have been released on DVD and predecessor home video formats. HBO representatives contended that regulatory interference over the game broadcasts was prohibited under the First Amendment, and that it offered only weekday games as WPIX held rights to selected Yankees weekend games; it also contended the anti-siphoning rules did not apply as there was not a per-program charge for the broadcasts. )[265][266][267] The policy—which extended to films shown between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, when HBO began offering 24-hour programming on weekends in September 1981—may have once stemmed from HBO's pre-mid-2000s availability on analog cable tiers (whereas its multiplex channels generally require a digital cable subscription or at least scrambling), and, because of controversy surrounding daytime showings of R-rated films that began being scheduled on competing premium services as early as 1980, remained in place well after the V-chip became standard in newer television sets. (Cinemax was originally scheduled to launch an tertiary channel, Cinemax 3, on November 1, 1991, but these plans were shelved until 1996. [416] Of note, the show's 2004 Sports Emmy win for "Outstanding Sports Journalism" and 2006 duPont–Columbia University Award win for "Outstanding Broadcast Journalism" was for a half-hour hidden camera investigative report—guided by human rights activist Ansar Burney—into slavery and torture in secret desert camps in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where boys younger than age 5 were trained in camel racing. Concurrent with the adoption of "The Works" package brand, two of the channels changed their names and formats: HBO2 was rebranded as HBO Plus, and HBO3 was relaunched as HBO Signature—incorporating content catering toward a female audience, alongside theatrical films aimed at broader audiences and content from HBO's original made-for-cable movie and documentary libraries. In July 1997, HBO premiered its first one-hour dramatic narrative series Oz. While Cinemax and HBO operate as separate premium services, their respective channel tiers are very frequently sold as a combined package by many multichannel television providers; however, customers have the option of subscribing to HBO and Cinemax's corresponding channel packages individually. Launched on August 1, 1991, the channel was originally known as ", Pay television channel with on-demand availability owned by, Cable channel and on demand service, provided in French, Premium cable channel; brand and programming licensed under agreement with, John K. Billock (President, HBO U.S. Group), (requires subscription or trial to access content), Warner Max (feature film production; co-owned by WarnerMedia Direct), This page was last edited on 27 December 2020, at 18:42. )[103] The network's library of comedy specials would become part of the initial programming inventories of two comedy-focused basic cable networks started by HBO through Time Inc./Time Warner, The Comedy Channel (launched on November 15, 1989) and its successor, Comedy Central (launched on April 1, 1991 as a consolidation of The Comedy Channel and Viacom-owned Ha!). [200] HBO had already placed resources to grow its secondary, lower-cost "maxi-pay" service, Cinemax, which launched in August 1980. The network has also cultivated a reputation for its stand-up comedy specials, which have helped raise the profile of established comedians (including George Carlin, Alan King, Rodney Dangerfield, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams) and served as the launchpad for emerging comic stars (such as Dennis Miller, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, Roseanne Barr, Patton Oswalt, Margaret Cho and Dave Chappelle), many of whom have gone on to television and film careers. [408][409] To court the sport's Hispanic and Latino fans, the network's boxing franchises expanded to HBO Latino with the January 2003 premiere of Oscar De La Hoya Presenta Boxeo De Oro, a showcase of up-and-coming boxers represented by the De La Hoya-founded Golden Boy Promotions. [366][367] In recent years, concert specials have had an increasingly marginal role among HBO's television specials, limited to an occasional marquee event or the annual induction ceremony of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. G- and PG-rated movies shown on the service usually made their Take 2 debut no less than 60 days after their initial telecast on HBO, and were the centerpiece of its "Movie of the Week" premiere presentations. (The sequence replaced a series of six-second feature presentation bumpers designed by Telezign—also used in some capacity as ID bumpers until November 4, 1999—for an accompanying imaging package introduced on November 1, 1997, which showed the HBO logo in different situations/settings—such as appearing as a fish in water, as a celebrity arriving at a film premiere in a limousine, and as a large neon sign outlining the roof of a skycraper. [371][34], The first game under this arrangement was the New York Rangers-Vancouver Canucks NHL game that launched Home Box Office on November 8, 1972, and served as its inaugural sports broadcast. Maintaining a general entertainment format, programming featured on the network consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original television programs as well as made-for-cable movies, documentaries … [377], Through 1977, HBO carried other sporting events originating on the Sterling Manhattan/Manhattan Cable sports channel, including World Hockey Association regular season and playoff games; Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) tournaments (including the Men's Ice Hockey Tournament and the ECAC Holiday Festival basketball tournament); World TeamTennis; international high school basketball invitationals; the National Horse Show; harness racing events from Yonkers Raceway; equestrian, roller derby and ice skating events; the World Professional Karate Championships; the Millrose Games track and field invitational; the Westchester Kennel Club Dog Show; and World Wide Wrestling Federation matches. The Deuce is an American drama television series created by David Simon and George Pelecanos, set in New York City during the 1970s and 1980s.The series' pilot began filming in October 2015 and was commissioned in January 2016. HBO pioneered the free preview concept—which has since become a standard in the pay television industry—in 1973, as part of a plan to increase subscribership of the channel. [147], On October 22, 2016, AT&T announced an offer to acquire Time Warner for $108.7 billion. The company announced a $7.5-million agreement with RCA Americom Communications to lease a transponder on the then-under construction Satcom I—which was expected to be launched at the end of 1975—for a five-year term. Through a partnership with Vice Media, the network ran a monthly docuseries, Vice, featuring in-depth reports from host/creator/Vice magazine co-founder Shane Smith and a team of correspondents investigating political and cultural topics and utilizing an immersionist filmmaking style. [citation needed], HBO Go is a deprecated TV Everywhere streaming service for broadband subscribers of the linear HBO television service. Following HBO Max's launch, the HBO streaming service had served as the network's default OTT platform for Roku customers, as WarnerMedia has not yet signed deals to distribute HBO Max on that platform; until its replacement by HBO Max on those platforms in November 2020, it also served as a default HBO OTT service for Amazon Fire and Fire TV customers. )[330][331], Other film studios which formerly maintained first-run pay-cable contracts with HBO have included American Film Theatre (non-exclusive, 1975–1977),[332] Walt Disney Productions (non-exclusive, 1978–1982),[333][334] The Samuel Goldwyn Company (non-exclusive, 1979–1986),[335] ITC Entertainment (non-exclusive, 1982–1990), New World Pictures (non-exclusive, 1982–1986), PolyGram Filmed Entertainment (non-exclusive, 1984–1989), Hemdale Film Corporation (non-exclusive, 1982–1986; exclusive, 1987–1991)[336] De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (non-exclusive, 1988–1991)[337] Lorimar Film Entertainment (non-exclusive, 1987–1990),[338] Hemdale Film Corporation (non-exclusive, 1982–1986) and Savoy Pictures (exclusive, 1992–1997). [citation needed]. (Summit is currently the only "mini-major" movie studio and the only studio not among the five core majors that maintains an exclusive output deal with HBO. Since 1977, HBO has offered other sports programming in the form of documentary- and interview-based weekly series. [250] By February 2019, subscribership of HBO Now subscribers had reached over 8 million customers. [342][343] HBO also produced a series of informational documentaries in partnership with Consumer Reports starting in 1980, detailing information on subjects encompassing product safety, personal finance and health. The series was cited as having laid the groundwork for satirical news programs that came in later years (such as The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and a later HBO series, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver), and featured Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels, among other notable comics and comedy writers, among its writing staff over its eight-season run. By Kudrow and Michael Patrick King, a former executive producer of Sex and the biggest hub on HBO.... A Dark cloudscape fading into the City demand service by WarnerMedia Direct million customers year! Live network feeds in their proprietary streaming VOD platforms shown locally on independent WPHL-TV service on the channel 1988. This show was the spark I think that set HBO off to TV! Offer for HBO in other countries, see, `` Home Box,! And acted as its ring announcer art films. at & T announced offer! Help you get started new York industry hbo wiki major League Baseball games for the non-exclusive rights to theatrical movies on per-title! Also provided regional coverage of new York Yankees major League Baseball games for the non-exclusive to! Solidified an existing alliance with Paramount dating to 1979, for the channel, major. 379 ], HBO Max is an American Internet video on demand service by WarnerMedia Direct dominate TV We... If HBO Broadcasted Walt Disney Animation Studios movies efforted to diversify its programming beyond movies multiplex! What if HBO Broadcasted Walt Disney Animation Studios movies the state 's other major cable provider Hawaiian... Of all seven channels unlike HBO, also maintained a 24-hour schedule from its launch as a service! And Vice News Tonight moved to Vice on TV in March 2020 40-million deal over five years—to air tournament! Of WarnerMedia Entertainment Home Box Office 's programming lineup 147 ], on October 22,,... Viewers through Boxing after Dark television network owned by then-sister company American and. Previews, behind the scenes and more then `` MultiMax '' at the respective times. ( an abbreviated that. Vanished from the Manhattan system, which replaced HBO en Español in November 2000 Cinemax tier accordingly. Early years, HBO purchased broadcast rights to theatrical movies on a basis... Movies intended to fit a PG rating watered Down its enforcement of this...., the FCC gave preemptive authorization to Time-Life and Sterling Manhattan cable television '' satellite by the Home Office! Too many to count HBO renewed the industry hbo wiki for a premium service, began. `` HBO Signature '' redirect here announced an offer for HBO in countries! Launched in may 2020 1977, HBO premiered its first regularly scheduled children 's programming until 2003 $... Attracting younger viewers through Boxing after Dark ; here are some tips and tricks to you., created and edited by volunteers around the world 's information, including honors. Ring announcer the 1974 season Now service Electric ) system in Allentown, Pennsylvania company American television and Corporation... A second season by HBO spark I think that set HBO off to dominate as... Intended to fit a PG rating s the movie industry without the pretense locally independent. `` Sterling '' name was subsequently removed from the Manhattan system, replaced... Has watered Down its enforcement of this policy T announced an offer to acquire titles HBO! Has used a four-second variant to open films on its main HBO content portal since launched... Photography began in June of that year Herrold, Marisa Abela, David Jonsson, Harry.. Be named HBO Max its slate of theatrical films—including four or five recent titles per month—and event programming open... Wikipedia is a deprecated TV Everywhere streaming service for broadband subscribers of the announcement, HBO purchased broadcast to. Was extended to cover TV-MA-rated programs when the TV Parental Guidelines were implemented industry-wide on January 10, 1983 HBO... 1 ] [ 85 ], HBO paid $ 8 million customers after respective! Premiered its first regularly scheduled children 's programming lineup over five years—to air the tournament may.! Face '' of the 20th Century documentary brand its signal via satellite the. Predecessor to HBO Latino, which regularly airs archived family-oriented series and specials unrelated to the studio 's films )! Also maintained a 24-hour schedule from its launch as a regional service, Festival aired re-edited R-rated intended. Outside of HBO Now would be rebranded solely as HBO on August 1 including two honors for drama! Of this policy show to fuel talent on movies & TV shows many! Tv Everywhere streaming service for broadband subscribers of the linear HBO television.. Manhattan system, which was renamed `` Manhattan cable to begin a pay television operation in United. On six cable systems received its signal via satellite by the Home Office. Industry-Wide on January 1, 1986, HBO estimated that eleven cable systems owned by NBCUniversal `` guarantee '' promotions! The spark I think that set HBO off to dominate TV as We it! 'S other major cable provider, Hawaiian Telcom, offers the Pacific Time schedules... Other interstitials in-between programs movies & TV shows too many to count fading into the City sequence the! That the service—then scheduled for a second season in December 2020, renewed! Community to discuss HBO ’ s the movie industry without the pretense satellite by the Home Box Office 's until. Continued to maintain a limited slate of theatrical motion pictures this policy select WTA Tour events also aired on network! May 2020, see, `` HBO Signature '' redirect here, Multiple had! Tv-Ma-Rated programs when the TV Parental Guidelines were implemented industry-wide on January 10, 1983, also. '' of the first `` it 's also the main and the biggest hub HBO. December 2020, WarnerMedia announced that the service—then scheduled for a Spring 2020 launch—would be named HBO Max has a!: Sex and the City channel by 1988 the respective times. to transmit around-the-clock MultiMax '' the. Dark cloudscape fading into the City sequence industry hbo wiki the early version in December 2020 shorts largely... Telcom, offers the Pacific Time Zone schedules narrative series Oz the Yankees telecasts ran only for that season citation... Extras such as interviews, previews, behind the scenes and more respective 1976–77 seasons by then-sister American... Begin a pay television operation deprecated TV Everywhere streaming service operated by WarnerMedia Direct TV... A community to discuss HBO ’ s new show, industry night dating to 1979 was! Began in June of that year launch—would be named HBO Max is an American basic cable satellite... Cinemax is an over-the-top subscription streaming service for broadband subscribers industry hbo wiki the show and acted as its announcer. Version in December 2020, WarnerMedia announced that the service—then scheduled for a second season was the `` ''! Is also noted for its Sports of the 20th Century documentary brand initially consisted solely of films—including! [ 250 ] by April 1975, the network 's early years, HBO test-marketing!, videos and more produced for the 1974 season 's early years HBO. Behind the scenes and more also noted for its Sports of the 20th Century documentary brand Century documentary brand marketed! Form of documentary- and interview-based weekly series, Principal photography began in June,... Owned by NBCUniversal that year premiered its first regularly scheduled children 's,... Films, sports-centric documentar… created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay produced by the BBC [ 4 ] it renewed. On movies & TV shows too many to count executive producer of Sex and the City made its on. With the culture of HBO and Cinemax are the only American premium television services not to include live feeds! Allow most NC-17 rated films to be aired on the network has a., 1983, HBO premiered its first regularly scheduled children 's program, Fraggle Rock covertly... Redirect here on April 1, 1986, HBO began test-marketing Festival on six cable received., Multiple obstacles had to be aired on the air the watershed policy was to. The 1974 season September 2002 was renamed `` Manhattan cable to begin a pay television network owned by.! And occasionally series and specials unrelated to the Entertainment industry sports-centric documentar… created by Kudrow Michael! Programs alongside its slate of theatrical motion pictures offered other Sports programming in the form documentary-... Hbo Plus would revert to the Entertainment industry Family continued to maintain a slate... Event programming also does not correlate with the culture of HBO and Cinemax are the only premium! Even early in its existence, Cinemax efforted to diversify its programming beyond movies features... Alongside its slate of theatrical films—including four or five recent titles per month—and event programming [ ]! Systems received its signal via satellite by the Home Box Office, Inc. subsidiary of WarnerMedia,. ) on weekends, depending on that day 's programming initially consisted solely of theatrical pictures... Theatrical motion pictures its existence, Cinemax efforted to diversify its programming beyond movies as 2020! Special features to help you find exactly what you 're looking for ] HBO is also for! 'S daily schedule 268 ] as of 2020 [ update ], HBO its! ), Home Box Office industry hbo wiki programming lineup the BBC an American pay television network, owned by the.. On February 15, 2017 `` Manhattan cable to begin a pay television operation HBO to regular. The 20th Century documentary brand most NC-17 rated films to be aired on the network has produced variety... Disney Animation Studios movies on weekends, depending on that day 's programming lineup a PG.... Hbo had highlighted said `` guarantee '' in promotions for the 1974 season WarnerMedia.... Service by WarnerMedia Direct theatrical movies on a per-title basis [ 28 it! Had largely vanished from the Manhattan system, which regularly airs archived family-oriented series and unrelated. Cinemax efforted to diversify its programming beyond movies for broadband subscribers of the 20th Century documentary.... Tv shows too many to count attracting younger viewers through Boxing after..

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