SOrry this was an example, and in my actual example the length of my name is well over 200 to account for all file names (up to 200 obviously, but that will never happen). You mean why do you need to enclose some of them into apostrophes or double quotes? No Extra Care needed. I have replicated this on two separate installs of wordpress, on different LAMP hosting environments. The names of the sheets with problems do not contain special character. Just submitted an application yesterday and got error messages saying: Valid filenames may only include the following characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, underscore ( _ ), hyphen (-), space, or period. Your guess appears to be correct. No special characters (including brackets) can be part of the filename. The formula bar shows the apostrophe but the "Text" in the cell does not. Sign in to vote. For example, here are some stings that do and don't work: And for your second question, no. I tried a test filename with the keyboard apostrophe and the batch file found it fine! $ touch ' 12.txt>' Square Brackets [ ] in file name Just treat it as just another file. If you have an apostrophe or a quote in your string, you must either escape it or enclose the whole string in the other type of enclosing quotes. $ touch {12.txt} Chevrons > in file name A file name having Chevrons must be enclosed in single quotes. When uploading a file with an apostrophe in the filename wordpress returns a 'HTTP Error' message. eg =A1 does not see this character so trying to navigate to the file by using its Pathname & Filename does not work. $ touch '(12.txt)' Braces {} in file name. Now, the problem is that I don't want to rename the folder since it contains zillions of pictures that have been added to picassa. The problem is that for those problematic sheets, when I use a reference to them from another sheet, the fact that it has apostrophes in their names make it impossible to track their proprer cells. And can you show the URL results for one of the filenames with an apostrophe? Filename with a apostrophe / single quote in its file name can cause a lot of problems when used with a bash script or used on a command line. The following linux command will remove all apostrophes from all files located in a current working directory: for f … The apostrophes still cause errors. Rules for alphabetic filing last name in cells excel ing alphabetizing rules ethyl 5 oxo 2 3 dihydro 5h oxazolo last name in cells excel 18 Filing Rules For Proper Alphabetizing Mate Pages18 Filing Rules For Proper Alphabetizing Mate PagesIng Alphabetizing Rules18 Filing Rules For Proper Alphabetizing18 Filing Rules For… Continue Reading How To Alphabetize Last Names With Apostrophes But I cannot get that to work. Escaping apostrophes and quotes. text/html 8/27/2009 2:53:50 PM JoyceeeO 0. The filename used for testing was Trend_Forecaster's_Handbook_1.jpg M. Marc D Anderson - Sympraxis Consulting LLC - Marc D Anderson's Blog - @sympmarc. PDFObject Example: Passing vanilla HTML element, CSS ... ... And the file names are to be passed to mv with variables. When I give the file names to mv directly, it does work, like that: 0. In fact, it's just letters. Apostrophes should not be used in sheet and file name in EXCEL. Wednesday, August 26, 2009 5:07 PM. Some of the names of the files to be renamed contain apostrophes (or single quotes). If the file name has Parenthesis, you need to enclose filename with single quotes. even Len() reports a character length of 6 and not 7

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