Reptile Assessment Forum – Overview

The Reptile Assessment Forum is based on a discussion forum recently developed by iNaturalist and the Amphibian Specialist Group to facilitate the assessment and review of IUCN Red List accounts.


The aim of the Reptile Assessment Forum is to supplement the existing workshop-based Red List assessment process by providing a platform whereby biologists can provide information relevant to the assessment of species posted to the forum, and comment on and amend the draft accounts provided.


As with a workshop assessment, a forum-based assessment will focus on a particular geographic region, for which a list of the reptile species will have been compiled. For each of these species, draft assessments and maps will be prepared in IUCNa��s Species Information Service (SIS) database based on information in the available literature. Experts in these species will be contacted and invited to provide their feedback on the drafts and to suggest amendments to the accounts and maps, as well as to provide their own data.


Feedback compiled through the forum will then be used to update species assessments and the final versions will be posted for final approval by the experts involved, prior to following the appropriate channels (review process, consistency check) for publishing final assessments on the IUCN Red List.


If new information is available through publications or feedback, then a new draft assessment with this new information will be posted on the forum for feedback. To facilitate use of existing information, the forum has included maps generated through iNaturalist, a citizen-science initiative seeking to involve the general public in reporting sightings of amphibian species all over the globe. The use of the iNaturalist data is left to the expertsa�� discretion, and there is no requirement to use these data, although use is encouraged when sources and/or evidence provided are considered to be reliable. Our own published and draft ranges will be included within the iNaturalist maps to facilitate viewing.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Given the current quality control requirements needed for conservation assessments to be published on the IUCN Red List, and our very limited human resources, we are unable to process large numbers of assessments at this time. Country-level global reassessments may be possible if requests come with the funding and resources necessary to conduct such reassessments, or if the herpetological community of the country or region in question is willing to take over stewardship of its global assessments.

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