This software was later installed on cell phones manufactured by Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG Electronics and other companies, the plaintiffs allege. — A class action lawsuit has been filed in Canada regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, which were recalled last month following reports of overheating batteries that pose a fire hazard. The company agreed to pay $500 million dollars to settle a 2017 lawsuit that claimed it was intentionally slowing speeds on the devices to get customers to buy new, more expensive phones. LONDON, Ont. iPhone 6 & 7 Slowdown Scam Class Action Lawsuit If you had an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 that you noticed was slowing down significantly back in 2017, you can collect about $25 from Apple. If the lawsuit is against the manufacturer of these cell phones, why would it not include all major carriers who offer these phones on their network? It accuses Qualcomm of violating anti-trust laws to charge inflated patent royalties to smartphone … The Quebec Court of Appeal recently overturned the Superior Court’s decision and authorized a Canadian class action lawsuit against Huawei Technologies Canada over defective Nexus 6P cell phone batteries. “Euroconsumers…today announced it has filed two class-action lawsuit sagainst Apple Inc, over the planned obsolescence of Apple iPhones,” the group stated. The lawsuit at issue concerns Nexus 6P smartphones. A fresh class-action lawsuit could be filed against Google for Pixel 3 issues that some have faced since the launch of 2018's Made by Google smartphones. In January 2018, LG agreed to pay the participants in the lawsuit a $700 credit towards the purchase of a LG smartphone or $425. Florida resident Jonathan Strobel filed a lawsuit on September 16, 2016 alleging a similar incident to Mr. Ramirez’s. The Huawei class action lawsuit is currently in the trial preparation phase. Shortly after the Note 7 recall, Samsung faced another lawsuit. Estimated Amount: Up to $10; Proof of Purchase: Yes; Class Member ID required to file a form For individuals who purchased a Nexus 6P smartphone between Sept. 29, 2015 and May 3, 2019, then you are eligible for a potential award from the Nexus 6P Smartphone Class Action Lawsuit!. CD PROJEKT SA CLASS ACTION ALERT: Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP announces that it is investigating a potential securities class action lawsuit ... app on the user's smartphone. Apple has agreed to pay as much as $500 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that claims the company slowed down the performance of older iPhones to spur customers to buy new ones. Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP (CSK&D) is investigating a potential class action lawsuit relating to an alleged microphone-related defect affecting Pixel smartphones. The lawsuit was never certified as a class action, and was sent to arbitration. If You Bought a Nexus 6P Smartphone, You May Get a Payment from a Class Action Settlement. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's <005930.KS> U.S. unit is facing a proposed class action lawsuit from three Galaxy Note 7 customers, according to a filing in a federal court in Newark, New Jersey. If you are in the United States and bought a Nexus 6P smartphone, other than for resale, you may be eligible to get a payment from a class action settlement. Please visit the Gilman Law website for further information regarding the Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone Class Action Lawsuit. 2:11-cv-00696). RM LAW, P.C. announces that a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of all persons or entities that purchased First American Financial Corporation. Claim Form Deadline: November 9, 2020; Who’s Eligible: Consumers who purchased one or more 16 GB Galaxy S4 smartphones in California between April 1, 2013 and July 31, 2013. Samsung is facing a class action lawsuit in the US after disgruntled customers filed the first claims against the company's exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The lawsuit covers 1.2 billion cell phone sales over eight years. Consumers have reported having issues where the microphone on the phone stops working, which allegedly leads to other potentially related issues including videos, sound, or calls not working properly on the phone. The lawsuit asks for compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. Anyone who purchased a Nexus 6P smartphone in Quebec is automatically included in the Huawei class action lawsuit. The firm is currently trying to reach out to Pixel 3 owners to share their experience with the smartphones. The lawsuit seeks, among other things, at least $5 million in damages for all purchasers of the allegedly defective phones (Case No. More About the Samsung Galaxy S7 Water-Resistant False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit According to the class action lawsuit, “in a nationwide advertising campaign, Samsung portrays people dunking Galaxy S7 phones in fish tanks, spraying Galaxy S7 phones with jets of water and dousing them with champagne, and holding the phones while kayaking through river rapids and surfing in the ocean. In the class-action, 9 th Circuit Judge Ryan Nelson appeared sympathetic to Qualcomm’s arguments about the class size. In August Patently Apple posted a detailed report titled "A Law Firm eyes a Class Action against Apple and others triggered by a Chicago Tribune report on Radiation levels on Smartphones.". A new class action lawsuit against the tech giant argues that it knew there was an issue with the device’s microphone and sold it as a premium smartphone anyway. Disgruntled customers have dialed up what's believed to be the first U.S. class-action lawsuit over Samsung exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, according to federal court records. According to the lawsuit, the Nexus 6P bootloop defect allegedly caused the smartphones to randomly shut down and reboot, sometimes causing the phones to be stuck in a reboot cycle. ADMIN – Hi Andrea, If you feel a manufacturer should have been part of a particular settlement and you have grounds to prove it I encourage you to contact a law firm that specializes in class actions and ask if they are willing to go after Verizon. According to reports, Chimicles Schwartz Kriner and Donaldson-Smith LLP (CSK&D), a Pennsylvania-based National Class Action Law Firm is reviewing a potential lawsuit against Google for several issues in the Pixel 3 devices. A new class action lawsuit alleges that Apple enjoys monopoly power in the iOS mobile gaming marketplace, and exhibits anticompetitive behavior to keep it that way. The class action lawsuit against Sony has claimed that the mobile devices from the company have been misrepresented as "waterproof" but are not designed for or capable of ordinary underwater use. Google is facing the prospect of a new class-action lawsuit over issues that owners of the Pixel 3 family of smartphones have faced. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone class action lawsuit Legal Help If you or a loved one has suffered similar damages or injuries, please fill in our form on the right and your complaint will be sent to a defective products lawyer who may evaluate your claim at no cost or obligation. The lawsuit was filed in Ontario Superior Court by London, Ont.-based Lake Lawyers, LLP. California Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Speed Class Action Lawsuit. Earlier this year we learned that Apple had agreed to pay up to $500 million as part of a class action lawsuit related to its "batterygate" situation from 2017. The smartphone privacy class action lawsuit claims that the now defunct mobile software company Carrier iQ designed a program that could collect customer data from cell phones. Notice to Potential Class Members, If You Have Purchased a Cellular Phone Since February 11, 2011, a Class Action Lawsuit May Affect Your Rights Mr. Strobel says his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in his pocket, causing a second degree burn on his right thigh. Since the lawsuit was not certified as a class action, consumers not actually participating in the lawsuit do not get this payment. Because such a side swath of smartphones were plagued by bootlooping, owners filed a class-action lawsuit against LG. A Canadian law firm has filed another class action lawsuit against Apple for secretly throttling performance on iPhones with aged batteries.

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