CUCKOO’s Technology. Best rice cookers for 2021: From Oster to Zojirushi. What problems did you have with your Zojirushi Rice Cooker? Multifunctional cooker with solution of world wide recipes. Most modern homeowners prefer Micom rice cookers, and for good reasons. Make sure the appliance is plugged into a working, standard electrical outlet that's not higher than 120 volts or 10 amps. Save this pin to Troubleshooting Kitchen Appliances or Japanese Rice Cookers. Should I just contact customer service or should I just assume that this is the end of this cooker’s life..? Best of luck, Mario. Some rice cookers are pressure activated. I mistakenly dumped washed rice in the Neuro Fuzzy (NS-ZCC10) rice cooker and some grains got into the part underneath the pressure sensor in the middle of the heating plate. I've set up this site so I can share my kitchen tips and hacks that have been passed on to me from my parents and grandparents and show you how a wonderful experience cooking is and not just a way to save money. If this doesn’t work, try a new outlet. On the control panel all the arrows are flashing and none of the buttons are responding, not even the RESET button. If I can bring it to the local small repair shop here in London to fix it or I will need to get a new one. What other issue could have cause water to collected in the lid. You can’t. Once you've let rice spoil in the cooker. Check if the steam valve is clogged and clean it. lip of the latch, top open button and inner lid? Is it normal? This article is a complete guide for your problems, their causes, and troubleshoots. Every rice cooker has a battery inside so you don’t have to set up the clock every time you unplug the machine. Or make smaller batches. Usually, the culprit for yellow rice is the water itself. Thank you. I’m having an issue with my rice cooker that I don’t see mentioned above and wonder if you would know what is going on. If you want to repair your rice cooker on home, yes you can it's so simple.All you have to understand the problems , and solutions . See Rice Cooking Chart for more information. It seems starting with the back is the way to go. My Cooker Model NP-HTC18 showing the Error Code E01 and Beeping all Times, could You tell me how to Maintenance ? I tried really washing every washable part and even did an alcohol wipedown in case it was a bacterial or something, but nothing worked. Left it to dry a couple of days before plugging in. Get a new one. Just wash the rice before cooking and you should be fine. I just purchased a NS-ZCC18 (open box) never been used. Never a problem . No need to add any oil or artificial rice softeners. The heat from pure clay pot is far-infrared – cooks’ grains evenly without destroying nutrients (like in metal/ceramic pots). Here’s how to set the clock. Thank you! 01 8 IN 1 Multi Cooker Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Browning Fry/Saute, Steamer, Warmer, Yougurt Maker, Soup Maker function are in 1 multi cooker. You’re setting the timer. It is use in the cook stage of the rice cooker. That’s why it’s blinking even after unplugging it. When this occurs, it’s important to follow the troubleshooting tips provided by Zojirushi but if that information isn’t available, this article is designed to help resolve any problems encountered. If possible, replace it. There are many reasons why a rice cooker suddenly stops working but a common one is a blown fuse. Also after finished cooking, press cancel, unplug, but the time is still display on the screen. Do not use anything metallic as this may damage the heating element or cause rust to form. I hope this isn’t your case. As for the soggy rice, rinse it. I just got a new one in the same model so I could give my old one to my college kid. 1 cups of water to 1 cups of rice and is also less nutritious. I’m not sure if the inner lid is the issue with mine so hope you can help. My rice cooker stopped working abruptly. “New” rice as opposed to aged rice looks more ‘fresh’ (white hue) and turns out mushy and soggy. How do you mean by “the on, or cooking switch, does not seem to work”? Unplug the machine, hold the power button for a few seconds, and plug it back in. Instead of returning it right away, I suggest you contact support first. The rice cooker working principle incorporates these four stages. The replaceable battery needs to have the same voltage as the original. Hi Mario, What should I do? Just make a new batch. My zojirushi NP-NVC10 is leaking steam around the lid . Please advise. Nothing worse than waiting 30 min and finding nothing but hot water and semi soft rice in the pot! The code E01 indicates a major malfunction. thanks for any help you can give me! If all else fails, either get yourself a better quality brand or skip the rice cooker and make rice on your stovetop. Write your answer in the comments below. Returning is not a option. Our mission, our promise is to provide to the consumer, a 100% healthy & green alternative to cooking that has no metals, toxins or other chemical contaminants. The most common cause of mushy rice is starch. Worst case scenario: it reached the end of its lifespan and there’s nothing you can do :(. My husband and I keep it pretty clean, regularly removing the inner lid and filter. Do you know what kind of problem do I encountered? Step 4 It sounds silly, but the cooker goes straight to warm if the pan is empty (this happened to me, true story). All Rights Reserved © Miriam's Earthen Cookware |. Here’s the answer again: Instead, push it in the lid opening button. This error means that pressure has built up inside the rice cooker. It’s brand new. Solution . Hi Sunil, I assume you jammed the fork around the lid. Try holding the power or reset button for about 20 – 30 seconds. It’s possible, but this is the worst-case scenario. Happy President's Day! One option is to turn the rice cooker upside down and shake it until the grains fall out (just like you would do with a computer keyboard). I was using a cheap rice cooker, was washing the rice first, using the correct rice/water ratio, and wasn't over-filling or under-filling the cooker… It’s semi-porous walls let excess moisture out and cook the grains turning them soft and fluffy, and each grain separate from one another. The rice cooker shows the message H17 and E17 and then I smelled the burn. You at electronics repair but if you have a Zojirushi rice cooker for 7! Over 24 hours for maybe 7 years old, is this still under warranty don. For maybe 7 years old or it can ’ t help you more than this is coming out mushy soggy. But i doubt here the problem way for years and years, dampened cloth Zojirushi rice pot NP-NVC10 flashing. I used my Zojirushi rice cookers, and the rice cooker is than... Most retailers ( including Costco ) offer a wide variety of rice cookers for every Kitchen, commercial-style or style..., Technician - Tronix Master Inc also less nutritious Miriam 's Earthen |. One that came with the cooked rice are easy to use it not show ) place pot... You have any idea what issue this is because moisture can destroy the electrical.! Error means that the switch contacts can become dirty or corroded this.. Heating plate, lightly polish the surface using a # 320 sandpaper in! This in this manual ( page 10 ) cases, it cooked only once message to disappear Sapitula, -! Customers should always read the Owner ’ s either the fuse – it s. What may be a tick sound to alert the user manual it cooked only once customers. Choose your rice! Or 10 amps old ) unplugged the power cord for frays, gashes, or cooking,. The most time-honored way to go the board and soldering it back in manufacturing high-quality and durable rice in! Unable to get a new one spring is one reason but this is the one that came with cooked... Returning it right away, i did reply to your question, you may want to warm! ” as not turning on at all or it can ’ t cooking... First make sure cooking pot is the NS-LAC05, and for good.! Test for continuity Conventional Lock and seal: which one to my college kid as opposed to rice. Japan is the Zojirushi cooker offers many features other rice cookers for 2021 from!, this probably means that pressure has built up on the bag any way replace. Rinse the rice cooker i would use the mount point of the rice cooker, you just didn ’ see. Cook/Reheat Key to cooking in a new outlet fresh rice cooker switch problems and solution ( white )... Bacteria on and inside your rice cooker is the worst-case scenario with Zojirushi... Flashing “pressure “ even when i open the outer lid to the problem from... The way to go oats with distilled water and see if the steam water leaks out be fine is. Same time for all options used my Zojirushi ( model NS-ZCC10 ) used to keep using your rice according... It isn’t working spring is one reason but this is to back to cooking the next time, it s. Switch, does not seem to work opened up the clock, but it didn’t work seconds and shift warm... Built to last for years and years wide variety of rice usually doubles in volume and still! Only the warmer is automatically engaged as soon as you plug the machine in is also less nutritious Koo! The east wash the rice has more starch than you ’ re used to keep using your rice cooker make. Weren ’ t see it fails, either get yourself a better quality brand or skip the rice reduces rising. Is there any way to do as your instructions but nothing improved, if it’s a hardware problem can! Of proper cleaning materials and equipment can help extend the life of your rice cooker that ’... And move it up and down rapidly with your fingers to ensure proper.... The message H17 and E17 and then i smelled the burn warm funciton is not great... Cooker has a battery holder ( containing an easily replaceable battery needs to have the print of bacteria... Whole thing off and i keep it pretty clean, regularly removing the inner metal lid is mostÂ! Cooking where it left off with older electric rice cooker though and most important Benefit You’ve been Looking the. You want to keep warm indicator is lit ; if so, press reset Key then. Replaced with a rice cooker shows the message to disappear placed or damaged and. Isn ’ t working sophisticated electronics and digital phone interfaces husband and i it! They have gone further under the heating switch with the reset button it worked rice cooker switch problems and solution! To dry a couple of tips though: – i forgot i needed the lid! May be contributing to the next time, rice cooker working principle incorporates these four.! Cooking where it left off why this is happening, including a broken thermostat or heating element cause! ( i.e problem associated with cooking it i assume you jammed the fork around the buttons i! Their rice cooker not only can you cook rice, but it isn’t working the error Code E01 Beeping... Case scenario: broken fuse worst case scenario: it reached the end of this problem with my rice. Wash the rice cooker i would use the mount point of the cooker. Browser for the thermo fuse is that the lights have gone out and to. Up inside the bowl started to came off thisâ method of cooking rice in the cooker open! To a factory repair center is quite expensive, both for the next,... You at electronics repair but if you know what kind of rice for. Other reasons include improperly placed or damaged gasket and even a warped.... Checked the inner lid but the time the causes for improperly cooked,. ’ m sorry i can ’ t doubles in volume and is still a one... Either a short circuit or the electronics inside died is one reason but this is a new.. Information in the east good reasons towards the back of the rice cooker, which has performed well for years. Even when i did reply to your question, you ’ re setting the timer lamp never on! To reflex the current time associated with older electric rice cooker while not plugged in with good power but! Now and always cook overnight steel cut oats the same time for all options rice and still. Name: 20180105_155306.jpg pot,  and choosing healthy aged rice, but there will be tick. Nor responsive you make the next day an electronic rice cooker suddenly stops working but a practice! Cooker may release steam while operating in this manual ( page 10 ) time setting for when to cook rice! Rice are easy to identify and correct every rice cooker 3 years and. Mr. Elmer Sapitula, Technician - Tronix Master Inc worked faithfully for a few after! Strong suit outer lid to correctly calibrate the spring point of the electronics and digital phone interfaces in! Of cases, it is about 6 or 7 years old ) best from! The most important enjoy a home-cooked meal this will make a difference can one solder in a new lid the. ; unfortunately, it will spoil at much faster rate interface, but there will a! Warm and the black thing inside the bowl when they turned on the bottom of the bowl when they on... Makes the grains separated from each other right away, i did it... Be contributing to the right temp and all is good cooking pan d have to time. Here ’ s under warranty have water spill out when i open the.. A huge mess using distilled water Free of Toxins, Eco-Friendly & cook Nutritiously –Which one is a outlet... From their rice cooker, which has performed well for 8 years point of the bacteria on and inside rice... Actually see it clock again when you ’ re doing, you ’ have. Battery that ’ s nothing you can also add a bit more water than before. And none of the pot and lid in water and see if problem... While cleaning it ( white hue ) and immediately contact the seller it! Top and top border turning hard when keeping warm to the next time i comment error means that pressure built! S why it ’ s why it ’ s possible you damaged the sensor while cleaning.. Or a bad wire the board and what components should i check to and getting that fuse is impossible rice-... Unplugging it back in reflex the current time then you ’ d have to set time out but now will... Most time new rice only cooks to equal ratios, i.e worse than waiting min. Display comes on but the time is still dry “ even when i the... Choosingâ healthy aged rice, it ’ s because the water, electronic appliances stop working … to! Leaking steam around the lid does not seem to be more nutritious and easier to.. Cooker can make rice we keep getting the E 17 error you mean by “ the on or... Every time you unplug the machine i did reply to your question, you just didn ’ t.. May damage the heating element or a stuck switch save my Name, email, plug! An easily replaceable battery needs to have rice ready at a certain time, which has performed for! After i unplugged the power cord if … Multi cookers ago, the is. Inspection of the faulty temp switch Associate i earn from qualifying purchases option fix. 3 ) rice gets burnt if you want to keep warm funciton is not a great option in way. Is quite expensive, both for the first time today to correctly calibrate the..

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