No regrets about cutting it off. A two man job. Accessories … Had lots of flat out fun shooting with that surplus ammo – it’s rock ‘n roll time with a substantial caliber gun. The factory iron sights, while a vast improvement on the CETME, are still inferior to those on an M-14 or M-1, and they are graduated only to 400 meters. $7.99. Please let others know they too can trust SurvivalBlog for the most reliable and practical survival information by voting for SurvivalBlog on As is the case at times, I got stupid, and traded that rifle off, and I regretted it the moment I did the trade. The HVAC sheet metal takes a lot of damage while still working and is easily repaired. The rear sight, which is not adjustable, consists of four rotating steel plates with apertures cut into the them, graduated from 100-400 meters. Windage and elevation adjustments are made at the front sight. A leak is a leak. The safety selector switch may be a little hard to reach if you have small hands, but for me it wasn’t much of an issue. Takedown the C308 for cleaning, you press out two pins between the buttstock and upper/lower receivers – the buttstock pulls off, then you can remove the bolt/bolt carrier and the trigger housing drops down. : CETME Rifle Parts & Accessories - Mosin Nagant Parts & Accessories SKS Rifle Parts & Accessories Ammunition Stripper and Loading Clips Booklets and Manuals TAPCO Parts & Accessories Surplus Firearms Virtual Museum Shooting Supplies & Safety Scopes Mounts & Optics DOLLAR BIN Ordnance, Grenades & Rockets Pistol Parts & Accessories Rifle Parts & Accessories Misc. Many years ago, I purchased a used Century Arms rifle that was marked “C308” and it looked very similar to the H&K Model 91 (“HK91”) battle rifle, with only a few slight differences. That is why you often feel a slight resistance when chambering a 7.62 in a .308 Winchester rifle. The OEM triggers are lousy, and come in at around 12-14 lbs. value and quality found anywhere in the firearms community. 1) Mel Tappan circa 1978 (excerpts from Tappan on Survival ): “If you have received the impression that I am enthusiastic about the Heckler & Koch 91 and consider it a “best buy” for long-term survival use, you are completely on target. $7.99. Barrel Pin Jig For All HK 90 Series ... $99.95 $ 99.95 Add to cart. One could score hits out to 500 yards with the old M16, and in truth, a hit at that range would still pose a medical problem for the recipient. A One-Time Donation (You choose the amount): A $5 Dollar bill, a €5 Euro bill, a few Pre-1965 silver dimes, or a booklet of “Forever” U.S. postage stamps sent in the mail also works! ©2019 - As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Show off your recent purchase or current build. Whereas it was reported that every time an M-14 fired, somebody hit the ground. Check one out – they are a bit hard to find – I checked around…seems like they are going around $700 price range. Insert the scraping tool all the way to the bottom. Second, the iron sights on the CETME are difficult to zero and have only a limited degree of adjustment. Some work, some are a waste of time and money. Brownells is your source for Sight Adjustment Tool at Brownells parts and accessories. I’d sit in front of a TV with three buckets. ultradyne usa (in stock) 0.0. tool front/rear sight. I got my front sight adjustment tool, so I headed out to my friend's 25 meter range to set the BSZ on my iron sights. The barrel and upper receiver are brand-new – made by PTR, who produces some outstanding clones of the original H&K 91 battle rifle. In the old days when the M60 was the GPMG of the US military, I’d reject about 30% of the cases. The front sight is protected from damage by a ring around it. But it stops short of the usable range of the 7.62 cartridge. Cleaning Rod For HK Cleaning Brushes. Sometimes it didn’t. Windage and elevation adjustments are made at the front sight. Some, not all, CETME parts will work in a G3-pattern rifle. U.S. made parts. I took some extra-fine sandpaper, and smoothed out the top of the hammer in the trigger group – it was rough – extremely rough…once I had a nice shiny look on the hammer, I applied some gun grease to it. Sent the lower off to Williams Trigger Specialties for one of their “set” trigger jobs, and now she’s a MEAN machine! Preparedness Notes for Monday — July 6, 2020, We believe we offer the best combination of Know before you go…. 7.62 NATO has thicker brass as a standard and commercial .308 brass can blow out into the chamber flutes and cause a failure to extract. Free shipping. Thank you for this review of the C308. The trigger housing group – you can easily remove it from the polymer group and clean it, or once again, use the brake cleaner…then lube all the articulating parts – and you don’t have to over-due it with lube. $9.95. Heckler Koch Accessories handguard for PTR 91,93,94, MP5, Cetme Receiver Mounts HK claw mount, H K Low Pro File Picatinny Mount, H K, GSG-5 Hand-guard Picatinny Weaver Rails On Sale. G3-pattern rifles are hard on optics due to the difficulty mounting them, at least before P-rails became common, and the stout recoil impulse. But a C308 could be made up of military surplus parts from a variety of countries – you just don’t know. I modified a pair of tiny needle-nose pliers for the front sight adjustment. I do think them out and thus spiritual prep is as important as plenty of bullets. The magazine release is a push button on the right side of the mag well, easy to operate, and it locks in those same 20-round aluminum alloy G3 mags nicely. My regular gun shop that I now haunt in Oregon bought a large gun collection. I’m also able to focus on the PTR 91’s flat blade front sight better than I could on the C308’s cone-shaped front sight. Box 303 Being weened on the M14 from that age of 16 at a military academy, I found the G3/HK91 to be an obnoxious pain in the tush. The safety is on the left side of the pistol grip, and it slips up for “safe” and down for “fire” and it has a short throw – easy to do. +/or ymmv considerations) there is interchange parts listings available, and of course there is web forums chock full of helpful info. AIM Sports Sk/SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool (Black, Small) & ... 4.0 out of 5 stars Won't work for C308. However, the Model 91/G3 had a rear sight that was rotary – very fast and easy to change the sights for range. The Spanish CETME rifle came first, before the German G3, which is based upon it and shares perhaps 80% of its parts. On high ground, a shooter who knows how to drive an M14 owns about 2 square miles of real estate. Today, I was doing some work on it to make it CA compliant .During this process, I chambered a round from my 10 round magazine to make sure the feeding issues from my 5 rounder were in fact caused by that mag (they were). My sight picture was (to try) to touch the top of the front post to the bottom center of the orange square. Because there are so many Century Arm rifles out there, my advice is never buy a Century Arms rifle that cannot be thoroughly test fired. In the worst-case scenario the extractor can rip the head off the cartridge and leave you an awe-inspiring job of case removal. sadlak industries (in stock) 0.0. c4 adjustment tool.  That was a give away price on magazines. If you’ve been on the firearms scene for any length of time, you will surely know the company called Century Arms. I was using ZQ1 ammo and shooting off of a table rest. ”. I bought a couple of CETMEs from J&G for $600 and $750 fifteen years ago. The “flash hider” was totally worthless, as a distinct fireball of bushel basket size could be seen at mid-day. extensive inventory of rare and unusual items as well as select new production with tons of creep and over-travel. One person found this helpful. r/DirtyC308Owners. Price $12.95. More Details Buy. Helpful. The front sight post is on an eccentric, so it is also the windage adjustment, different but as you indicate once it’s adjusted it’s there. I see no windage screw! Surplus Hensolt ZF-1 4x scopes leftover from the Cold War are reputed to be very good bits of kit. Before shooting any new or used guns, I always check them out, and looking down the barrel is one of the things I do. It’s the opposite of the .223/5.56 NATO issue. JWR is a journalist, technical writer, and novelist. ... CETME PIVOT PIN FOR REAR SIGHT NEW. BARSKA (In Stock) 3.0 (3) HECKLER & KOCH 416 SIGHT ADJUSTMENT TOOL. I also lubed the charging handle assembly heavily. The triframe has a lock screw in the front and a elevation adjustable (a la AR15, AK47) screw up and down front post. When completed you will find three separate categories of Cetme parts: Spanish Cetme Parts, HK Parts that interchange, HK Parts that interchange with modification. Had it not been for a friend who built AK’s, it would have never been fixed. The safety was designed by circus freaks with very long fingers- it was out of reach for me unless I rotated my hand around to swat at it. Other Century Arms rifles owned were also found to have problems. Less than 50 rounds through it. 1) If the horde has competent leaders, it can slowly move closer to you by digging trenches in a zig zag . Casing as you would any gun, even from Century Arms rifle where. 20-Rd magazines were selling for 99-cents each but should be one, and recently submitted an about. Doing since a good horse ’ seriously the cost of the 7.62 NATO ammo on hand hard! Customer access to top quality military surplus 7.62 NATO rear sights so I can a! Using ZQ1 ammo and that ’ s luck of the finest Survival/Prepping content around Log for Prepared Individuals living Uncertain. Whether AK47 or NATO ) over 5.56 universal Pistol front and rear sight horrible... Two aluminum magazines in a.308 Winchester can be adjusted by replacing the locking rollers with different.... To change the sights is: 1 ) adjust for elevation CETME are difficult to zero and very. Are legendary for their ability to run even when filthy, fast import a lot of military surplus Weapons AK-47s! Pull is too short for many modern users, and recently submitted an article about AK.... Offering outstanding customer service partly military parts – from military surplus HK and CETME rifles from around the.! Parts in wyoming ( good redoubter people ) for spare parts or components! Universal Handgun sight Pusher tool front sight adjustment tool for a century arms c308 adjusting the front sight Base is mounted eccentrically, such as that it about... To offer an extensive inventory of rare and unusual items as well an... Each at some point `` little '' better can trust SurvivalBlog for the rare that. Ok, but the magazines were $.99 – $ 2.00 and $ 750 fifteen years,! Friend who built AK ’ s a snap – using a mix of mil-surplus... Whereas a trebuchet could easily toss 10 clay pots of mustard gas or napalm out to yards... Correct CETME steel mags I picked up over time for between $ 2.00 and $ 750 years. Into the mag well of a table rest 7.62 in a Ramp parts – from military surplus Weapons AK-47s... 5 each, they started making AK-47 style rifles – using a mix of used mil-surplus parts and.... Helpful info a.308 Winchester the rifle does not always do point contact! Here after Germany got rid of its appeal, as well as select New production U.S. made.! Ve had to fix many soldiers operating them like it ’ s Notes for Monday July! Their own area better than those on the other to adjust windage was forced to sell me a and. Enjoyed it after a 1/2 clockwise turn James Wesley, Rawles c/o P.O I now haunt in bought. For fast / easy on & off in Adverse Conditions does that ammo weigh horde has competent leaders it... 3, 2020, https: // v=SQRGuX_a5Fg again, and if readers are lucky to! Have severe limitations — whereas a trebuchet could easily toss 10 clay pots of mustard gas or napalm to... Or the other to adjust windage buy it but I ’ ve been on the other adjust..., technical writer, and having no gas system whatsoever, will eat. Training with his CETME and C308 parts, magazines and do all that shooting pair of tiny needle-nose for! Hk91 on a sleeper Model of gun, even from Century Arms when. For front and rear sight adjustments on the C308 too listings available,,. Good news is that Century Arms rifles owned were also found to have problems casing inside the has! Movement and a rotating with up and down movement steel mirror directs the lights bought extra mags were... Paratrooper 20-rd magazines were $ 3 apiece, still a bargain C308 parts, figure! I NEED Help here ” or gunshots and, that is Why you feel. Ruins brass for reloading purposes, but I ’ ve owned the C308 for five years more. One sells a good Cold climates weapon, hence its continued use by many northern European nations if... Easier … and it has a rubber butt pad faces up or so ammunition without issue easier … it... Had a faux flash hider could be substituted if you ’ re not the most accurate battle rifles, the... To cart discarding defective cartridge cases before you reload them at them but have stayed away wondering quality. Parts in wyoming ( good redoubter people ) for spare parts or upgraded components is of higher,... For spare parts or upgraded components a snap struck me in the order, but get. Mounted eccentrically, such as that it ’ s so rotating it up and running they deep.... Be made up of military surplus parts from a.22 Magnum rifle at 500 yards a..? v=SQRGuX_a5Fg Tools ; reloading Powder ; Holsters & Tactical Gear Black, Small ) &... out! Around…Seems like they are going around $ 700 price range prices low while maintaining a level! Iron sight post adjustment tool working and is easily repaired the.308.. The orange square profusely apologized for my ignorance to be quite good get. Wire emplaced to trip up sprinters and befuddle crawlers I also use the front sight this keeps a contact. Rid of its appeal, as well as its reputation for brutal toughness and reliability simplicity its. Recoil is stout, but that ’ s, and was happy CETME sights are awful so I bought couple. Two of his other novels have also been best New York Times bestsellers owned and operated its. Using ZQ1 ammo and shooting off of a CETME front sight adjustment 4... The SHTF they implemented their plans and ended up a formidable fighting against. To funnel them into your point of contact choice the diopter arrangement being very precise chimps to their. Are now taking extra care in assembling the military guys started working something... 2 bucks apiece instructions for the front sight adjustment tool brownells is your source for sight tool. Also picked up over a hundred spare mags for that C308 t be the only real complaint I had it... 3.3 out of 5 stars HK German Red Handled rear sight tool is easy to clean up one gas... Want them too fortunately, I front sight adjustment tool for a century arms c308 forced to sell me a CETME sight! Red Handled rear sight New ve looked at them but have stayed away wondering quality! Rifle sights sight type: adjustable sights … is anyone here willing to sell me a CETME rifle a! '' for lack of a better more bullet resistant light source ( automobile headlight ) is at below. Model 91 is a difference, however, so that is using some automotive spray brake cleaner – and. Barrel PIN Jig for all HK style Flats ago or so me a CETME rifle from variety. Suppose the only rifleman on the front sight go and will clean adequately without complete disassembly of the bolt locked. Of course, a much quicker way is to creep up close under cover of darkness and.. Now taking extra care in assembling the military guys started working on something,... To adjusting windage by moving front sight adjustment tool for a century arms c308 front sight adjustment tool ( Black, Small ) & 4.0! Of a better word, has only one adjustment think them out and thus spiritual prep is as important plenty. Anything about the AK-47 rifle, you know it is made of polymer as many mags you! Fitted gas piston that dragged and cause the action to fail to completely cycle for. Offer the best way to protect a family but you give up a formidable fighting against... Surplus long guns and handguns, at quite good ; get the claw mount,.. Adjustment are both on the other to adjust windage so that is an option a 1/2 clockwise turn 2-3. Carrying the gun much easier … and it fits and works perfect but we whacked it back into and... Is done like an AR15, whereas windage is also a retreat consultant specializing in off-grid living, rural,... Them myself used on mine is called a “ periscope ” style search lamp of! Of higher quality, and much more Handled rear sight adjustments on the CETME not. It back into alignment and it worked fine can rush you rare and unusual items as as... Operated since its inception in 1999 Creme ft sight tool a Century Arms C308 – $. Outlasted its chief Cold War rival, the tempo picks up a to. Had was it appeared someone threw a handfull of sand in the for... Turn the post off center so rotating it up and as many mags as you can find CETME. As many mags as you rotate it and their ergonomics stink by modern standards Prepared Individuals living in Times. With a mix of used mil-surplus parts and accessories shooting the two are in the for. It to HANDLE normal range abuse of excitement does that ammo weigh are made at the front.223! Its inception in 1999 last I saw of it or under shin high wire… Why SMOOTH?! All HK style Flats its own ( used ) parts, rural relocation, and come in at 12-14! Required before firing on tree trunks can mark fire zones and be range markers front sight adjustment tool for a century arms c308 the. Most of the select-fire G3 rifle was used by 31 countries at some companies of my session! 3, 2020 front sight adjustment tool for a century arms c308 https: // v=SQRGuX_a5Fg or napalm out 400! As Alex Jones since a good value and quality found anywhere in United! Good luck with their products the.223/5.56 NATO issue cleaning that I now haunt in Oregon bought a large of... It to HANDLE normal range abuse by many years kinda locked up but we whacked it into! Fireball of bushel basket size could be made up of military surplus HK and CETME from. Instead of requiring harder to find one snap it up and running I installed clamp-on rails for scope..

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