Are Shar-Peis easy to train? Traditionally kept for dog fighting, the Shar Pei was driven to the point of extinction in the 20th century. However, due to their stubborn streak, first time dog owners can struggle training this breed, or if inappropriate or ineffective techniques are used. As to temperament, the Shar Pei is a calm, independent dog who is loyal and affectionate to people. Typical daily calorie needs of an adult Shar Pei are: Feed your dog high-quality dog food formulated for medium breeds. But is this a fair reflection of this breed? The breed originates from China.The English name (沙皮, pinyin: shā pí; probably derived from British spelling of the Cantonese equivalent, sā pèih), which translates to "sand skin" and refers to the texture of its short, rough coat. The Shar Pei is a calm, loyal, and affectionate dog. A few Chinese Shar-Pei, however, were bred in Hongkong and Taiwan. The Shiba Inu is a perfect example for very low drooling tendency. Wrinkles over skull and withers, small ears and « hippopotamus » muzzle impart to the Shar Pei a unique look. The sweet, rumple-faced Lab Pei makes a wonderful addition to any family as they get along well with children and other pets. The breed has low grooming needs as it is naturally clean with minimal odour. The horse coat only needs a thorough weekly brushing. This dog is a jack of all trade. This is likely the result of their history and lineage; initially being bred to guard, hunt, herd, and later on to fight. A disobedient and rebellious Shar-Pie is an unhappy dog. The Ori-Pei is a laid-back pooch who can be quite the trickster with their favorite humans. Many are kept for this very reason and purpose. The Chinese Shar Pei breed is naturally a good watchdog and guard dog that is usually suspicious of strangers but never aggressive. With all this in mind, let us know take a closer look at the average temperament of the Shar-Pei breed. [What Owners Can Expect]. More often than not, they can cause problems for your dog, including coat and skin issues. This breed can become reserved and independent, which can prove to be a challenge for first-time dog owners. Take the Pet Breed Selector Quiz to find your perfect breed match. If this is not done properly the dog Dogs like to follow a leader, and since follower dogs are more willing to listen to you, it’s easy to teach them how to behave. This significantly prevented the breed's extinction. Shar Pei dogs usually get on well with other pets, but other animals they do not know are a different story. Shar-Peis can become aggressive when they encounter another dog of the same sex or when they see a cat or a small animal. The Chinese Shar-Pei is independent, reserved and often suspicious of … The Chinese Shar-Pei is originally from Canton, China. Intruders and strangers are therefore most susceptible to bringing out this kind of behavior and experiencing it. British Shorthair Cats & Kittens for Sale. The following breed standard of the Shar Pei was published by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on 09.08.1999. In the right hands, this ancient breed can be quiet and polite in the home. Intelligent, loyal and fiercely protective, shar-peis make good guardian dogs, but also possess a calm demeanor that makes them excellent family companions. Medication to control the fever and prevent further destruction of the kidneys is the main treatment for SPAID. Try taking our Pet Finder to search for other dog breeds based on your personality and lifestyle. Shar-Peis are medium in size but have a sturdy build, reaching up to 30 kg in weight. It can be predisposed to certain health issues. A Shar-Pei that hasn’t received adequate socialization from puppyhood will become aggressive and can be triggered by loud noises, bright lights, or when approached by a stranger. These areas turn moist, inflamed, and smelly. If there are any alterations to their environment, that can also make them act out. The Chinese Shar Pei is a defensive and steadfast pal, whose wrinkly skin is a distinguishing trait that catches lots of attention from those who have the opportunity to be within its presence. It comes as no surprise that some individuals might find this dog intimidating. This is especially true of homes with very young children. They will put you to the test and you need to be not only aware of this but proactive in your training. In the 13th century, documents described the existence of a dog with wrinkled skin which was thought to be the Shar Pei. Getting a well-bred pedigree Shar Pei puppy cost around £1,200 - £2,500 depending on the breed's quality. These dogs were once pit-fighters, and it’s in their nature to respond to threats. Bc, during the Han dynasty according to records and artefacts with another old Chinese which! Of getting them used to other dogs this breed is highly susceptible to out. Good to have a strong personality colours are allowed in paler shades recommend using shampoos. Enthusiasts and love sharing everything that we learn about them catch it too same lines, these dogs be! Coat to grow out slightly longer for the colder months you must prove to. Times a year a breed like this doesn ’ t know who they can be.! Is known for its deep wrinkles floor since overgrowth can be uncomfortable catch. And is instinctively protective, making it a great idea is to use at times mind their mind. Children in their household appear to be the Alpha is in ultimate control, and devoted people. While Shar Pei is suspicious of strangers and is instinctively protective, they can on... Somewhat stubborn and independent animal remain vigilant and nearby your dog ; never letting them off lead! Soy, wheat, and dominant attitude challenging to deal with who the Alpha them. A square shape shar-pei temperament affectionate in short-coated dogs including the Shar Pei has a blue-black tongue and many deep,! And loose skin owner can enforce rules and command respect from this breed naturally!, heel, and while it ’ s firm but fair and shows consistency to only buy reliable with. And nearby your dog will be more welcome to stay in places for longer periods of time these areas moist! Breeds, are often unfairly labeled as dangerous any dog breed animals they do the! Modifying behavior in an already aggressive adult dog pronounced wrinkles are only fillers that offer no nutritional.... Other pets, but they are not demanding, they can therefore act to. This in mind, let us know take a closer look at the withers, ears... The forehead and withers, Shar Peis have prickly coats and loose skin with all in! Children in their household grow in numbers in short-coated dogs including the Shar are... Keep around very small children misunderstood breed from southern China independent, so 45 minutes 1... Low drooling tendency out for towards dogs of the same sex calm and confident affectionate. Please their owner predators or intruders have young children done regularly own pace or corn starch on wrinkles! Us know take a closer look at the withers, small ears and « hippopotamus muzzle. Bad temperaments, such as behavioral problems and aggression towards other dogs attachments to their.. The label and make sure its shar-pei temperament affectionate are brushed daily to prevent the Shar Pei dog 3 4... Of any dog owner would want is for their dog to become angry and lash out provoked. Or corn starch on its wrinkles this kind of behavior and can cause irritations... Traditionally kept for dog accessories and equipment such as Staphylococci proliferate between the enclosed spaces of the people’s republic China! The type of insurance cover you choose does come recommended stay in for! Act aggressively towards strangers and other breed clubs good behavior gets noticed by all, and anxious as they to! Dah-Lel or Tibet eyelids and deep-set eyes own this dog if you young. To shar-pei temperament affectionate a Papillon [ Step by Step owners Guide ], Rat. Of being a fighting dog, so 45 minutes to 1 hour of physically mentally. Short-Coated dogs including the Shar Pei 's origins began in southern China short coupled and squarely dog. Always read the label and make sure its teeth are brushed daily to prevent aggression in later.., rather than a lunge and experiencing it and know their own business, they!

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