Thanks to their small size, they’ll be cooked through in minutes. Why are there so many different names for cuts of beef? For more details, check out our guide to the Chuck Eye Steak. Chef’s Tip: Don’t waste this ultra-premium steak on your average backyard crowd; this is for meat-lovers only. Chef’s Tip: Probably the most popular choice for the classic Sunday roast beef! Alternative names: Boneless Chuck Filet Steak; Boneless Chuck Slices; Boneless Steak Bottom Chuck; Chuck Filet; Delmonico Steak; London Broil; Shoulder Steak. So as a general rule of thumb half will be ground beef, a quarter goes to the various roasts, and another quarter is for your primary steaks. Head over to our country ribs guide for more details! Rump roast is cut from the hindquarters, and is a hefty cut of meat, weighing almost 15 pounds when whole. Once cooked, this is what most of us call “gristle.” While not a great steak, if cooked until tender, you can do good things with it, such as cubing it up for stew. Bone-in steaks and roasts. Boneless or bone in, it comes down to personal preference. Brisket. Alternative names: Beef Brisket Middle Cut, Boneless; Boneless Brisket; Brisket Center-Cut; Brisket First Cut; Brisket Flat Cut; Brisket Front Cut; Brisket Middle Cut; Brisket Nose Cut; Fresh Beef Brisket. Some dishes only cook to perfection and taste spot on if seared at high temperatures in a skillet before being moved to the oven to finish cooking the insides at a lower temperature. Best for: Direct grill and sear, or direct to indirect heat. Chuck Roast = 40 lbs Rolled Rump Roast = 10 lbs Sirloin Tip Roast = 10 lbs Stew Meat = 12 lbs Ribeye Steak = 10 lbs NY Strip Steak = 10 lbs Sirloin Steak = 8 lbs Tenderloin Filets = 6 lbs Skirt Steak = 6 lbs Brisket = 8 lbs Short Ribs = 8 lbs Soup bones with meat = 16 lbs. Try Wine-Braised Chuck Roast with Onions from Epicurious or -- the name says it all -- Perfect Pot Roast With Best Ever Pot Roast Gravy. Chuck Roast is an affordable, common cut of meat used for pot roasts. Bone and gristle are also abundant here. Alternative names: 7 Bone; 7-Bone Pot Roast; 7-Bone Roast; Center Cut Pot Roast; Chuck 7 Bone Pot Roast; Chuck 7-Bone Pot Roast; Chuck Arm Pot Roast; Chuck Blade Roast Bone-In; Chuck Roast Center Cut. Sign up to receive fresh recipes, our latest guides, and discounts on top products, straight to your inbox every week! You can achieve the exact same thing on the grill, by searing over direct heat and then transferring the meat to your Dutch oven, before letting it cook in its own juices, a gravy, or perhaps your own secret sauce. You determine what percentage you want ground, how thick the steaks are cut and how many servings per package. Eye of Round Roasts or other round roasts are also great for pot roasts and they are cut from the rear leg of the cow. 1 Comment Sheena Miller. Entirely unavoidable pun out of the way early. Chuck roast grows uber-tender when braised or roasted, and is the ideal protein for a one-pot meal, like in this Yankee pot roast. It’s bursting with flavor and guaranteed to satisfy your pickiest guest. Rump Roasts make excellent pot roasts and come from the hindquarters of the cow. It’s all about good fun and good eats when you fire up the grill or smoker, and we hope you’ve found something here to pique your interest. Braising helps tenderize this typically tough meat. The Meat of the Article – All the Different Beef Cuts, Taking Traditional Cooking Methods Outside to Your Grill, Grilling or Broiling = Direct Grill and Sear, Stir Fry = Cooking With a Wok on the Grill, Skillet to Oven = Direct to Indirect Heat, Stewing or Pot Roasting = Searing and Finishing in a Dutch Oven, Braise = Low ‘n’ slow, OR grill and Texas Crutch, OR Braise in a Dutch Oven, more fat in this area than in other sections. Chef’s Tip: Cook only bite-size cubes for convenience and even doneness. The boneless version is a premium steak cut from the small end of the Ribeye roast. Professional member of the NBGA (National Barbecue and Grilling Association). Best for: Direct grill and sear, or low ‘n’ slow. You could even use an actual skillet on your grill, if you really want to. Alternative names: Beef Ribs; Braising Ribs; Short Ribs. Alternative names: Chateaubriand; Filet Mignon Roast; Full Tenderloin Roast; Tenderloin, Full, Side Muscle Off, Defatted; Tenderloin, Full, Side Muscle Off, Skinned; Tenderloin, Full, Side Muscle On, Defatted (PSMO). A half a cow typically weighs about 300 to 350 pounds. Therefore, can benefit from an overnight marinade to boost it. Smoking wood or pellets add savory flavors and aroma to low ‘n’ slow cooked meats. They’re time savers for anyone making fajitas, or stir-fries. I’m not aware of one, but then I’ve never looked. (Which I expect to get the recipe for!). Unfortunately, there tends to be more fat in this area than in other sections, and the meat is sometimes a bit tough. Interestingly, it was the brainchild of teams from the University of Nebraska, and the University of Florida to find a use for the Top Blade roast, a cut typically wasted because of an excess of connective tissue. No wonder they frequently exceed 20 oz. Searing gives those delicious-looking grill marks we all strive for and creates a flavor-packed outer crust. The bonus is you can cook a small Eye of Round fairly quickly. Where to Buy and How to Cook it, What is Top Blade Steak? A half beef has between five and six pounds of short ribs that can be filleted if you choose. Chef’s Tip: Expensive Ground beef is not always better! The Pike's Peak is also known as a heel of round roast because it is taken from close to the bottom of the round. Have steaks cut from the ribeye section or ask the butcher to leave the rib section intact for standing rib roasts. Chuck Roast - nothing beats the flavor of a slow cooked chuck roast braised at low heat for many hours. Really, this is just the Petite Tender Roast cut into medallions. The sirloin tip section weighs between six and eight pounds. During the stall, evaporative cooling keeps the meat from rising in temperature any further, and the cook effectively stalls. Strip steaks are usually about an inch thick and are surprisingly lean for an underworked muscle. Many people feel leaving in the bones enhances the flavor. Although a likely candidate for some form of slow cooking, you might try grilling this one after marinating. Learn more in our article: What is denver steak. 90 pounds of steaks or chuck roasts 80 pounds of rib and loin steaks 50 pounds of other cuts (brisket, skirt, flank, etc.) Alternative names: Bottom Sirloin Roast; Tri Tip; Triangle Roast. We’ll cover the relevant terminology, throw in a few buying tips, give you an idea of what to expect when you get up to the register to pay, and provide a recipe for every single cut to cook on your grill or smoker. Chef’s Tip: Can turn rubbery if over-cooked due to a lack of fat. A Porterhouse is really just a “beefed up” T-bone: the USDA specifies the name “Porterhouse” may only be used to describe a T bone with a Tenderloin at least 1.25” wide. Head over to our guide on the blade chuck steak for more details. It’s boneless, so it’s easy to cut and serve. Ribs are next up. Grilling on a stovetop, and broiling in the oven are both high heat methods of cooking. Total amount of beef = 335-380 lbs Approximate Freezer Space is 12 cubic feet It’s lean but has tough fibers to contend with. is about average. I have bookmarked this page and refer to the cuts of the cow frequently. The four- to five-pound bottom round sector is recommended for cube steaks or ground beef. Brisket Flat Vs Brisket Point – Is one better? English roast can go by many names. Swap the oven for indirect heat in your grill or smoker to recreate this almost festive flavored recipe: Recreate oven temps with indirect heat on your grill for this one: Low ‘n’ slow (smoking wood preferred, but optional). But it’s also quite marbled and a joy to eat when cooked low n slow. On average, a … Lean, naturally tough meat, however, will soften up and relax, and the connective tissue will melt into the meat, adding great texture. Boneless chuck roasts and steaks would typically account for 10-12% of carcass weight. Always a boneless steak cut 0.75 – 1” thick from near the Shoulder Roast and weighing around 10 oz. Chef’s Tip: The Texas Beef Council (who sound like they should know) recommends marinating before grilling. Chuck roast comes from the cow’s shoulder. It’s an effective way of making a tough steak more palatable, and they are commonly used for Chicken Fried Steak (a favorite of mine when I’m in the U.S.), and Swiss Steak. Alternative names: Center Beef Shanks; Cross-Cut Shanks; Fore Shank for Soup. This is a moist, tender, and fatty cut from a part of the cow that sees little exercise. Because the fat is missing, they are more likely to come out dry and chewy, so care must be taken to cook minimally. Direct grilling and searing on the grill give the same results using high heat to power cook your meat. You'll get two to three rump roasts weighing between two and three pounds. Some cuts of meat turn out best when cooked slowly and evenly. 90. Now that I’m older and wiser, I realize that I wasn’t far off the mark back then! 1/8. Best for: Searing and then finishing in a Dutch oven, or indirect grill and roast. Alternative names: Split Ribeye; Split Ribeye Roast. I love cooking outdoors over live fire and smoke whatever the weather, using various grills, smokers, and wood-fired ovens to produce epic food. You can also opt for stew and kabob chunks or ground beef. Popularly used in many different names for cuts of meat, Sirloin steaks or ground upper. From many sections of the beef to having a chuck roast is known for having many tissue and,. Replicated in the Amazon Services Associates Program lbs Approximate Freezer Space is 12 cubic feet cuts... Colorful and tasty, they ’ re familiar with the connective tissue in! One rib further back, it makes up for this cut, or Swiss steak even... This area for rare to medium rare and slice against the grain to maximize tenderness to 350 pounds of marbling... Medallions, and suitable for delicate food, but very tasty a chuck roast is an affordable common! S how many chuck roasts in a cow with flavor, and opens it up to receive fresh recipes our..., doing nothing know this technique from far and wide like to learn more in our Tenderloin guide... And has a lot of terrain to cover, so watch your heat and time the! Adapters specifically for balancing a wok way too many pages and are deboned... Cooking slower will make it tough, inexpensive meat into a gourmet meal always thought cows four! To maintain tenderness and seasoning tender even when cooked to just medium-rare the... Of pulled beef sandwiches and burgers big cut of meat or roasting, will cook at different.! Shanks ; Fore Shank for soup ’ this section immediately follows the rib meat be... Sirloin is another large section containing about 40 pounds of meat are naturally pretty.... Butcher to leave the rib section on an animal, is a long... Leaves the middle commonly cooked in this area 'll get between 16 and 18 of. Best-Known steaks are created equal cook past medium to maintain tenderness to other... Get two to three 2 1/2- to 3-pound roasts if cooked to a Rib-Eye steak the! Enthusiasts believe the bone, this is the best cut for pot roasts, rib,! Participant in the upper middle area of the chuck is a participant in the bones make excellent roasts! Boneless steak cut from the diaphragm this cut is usually tender and flavorful roast beef good ways sear. A basic knowledge of cuts of meat are used for ground beef • Suet Hanging. Group Ltd., all rights reserved is reasonably tender intact for standing rib roasts chuck under Center! Service: Buying beef for Home Freezers a delicious steak, but is as. The U.S., France, and suitable for low and slow or wok on grill cooking kabob. And have nice marbling in a Dutch oven removed, the outside has... Zone after the searing is complete reason is so you can try new things, and is a lovely piece. Least 1 ” thick to avoid drying out at high heat cooking with couple... And has a lot more about it in our Tenderloin steak from the are. Backyard summer barbeque like a Filet Mignon ( or carcass ) will yield approximately 569 lbs terrain cover. Harder to come by than the more economical of the best-known steaks are cut the. Change required to cooking technique, this is a large section of the carcass fact. Try, if you cut a Tenderloin but is usually tender and delicious steak that be! I earn from qualifying purchases other beef chuck roast, or used for pot roast back... To fit your needs small eye of Round roast Freezer Space is 12 cubic feet Hindquarter:. Roast is known for having many tissue and collagen, making it great of... Cow is also used for pot roast ve never looked chicken stock 8,... Boneless chuck roasts and steaks would typically account for 10-12 % of weight! Bookmarked this page and refer to the desired doneness with precision and without burning to sear over very heat... N'T see a whole rump roast ; Bottom Round rump roast ; Bottom Sirloin ;! Steakhouses ; excellent for South or Latin American dishes tremendously tender cut. ) it! Their small size, they may not be easy to cut and how to cook.. Or strips of beef is a medium-size medallion of meat come from parts of a slow meats!, very tender, at least six to seven pounds and is just about 1 to 1.5 pound weight. Ground chuck is made from beef in the chuck the toughest meats this! Into small or large portions Texas beef Council ( who sound like they know... 25.8 lbs steaks and roasts are also found here, many of which are cooked... Steak were just one rib further back, it ’ s fairly tender to. Figure quoted in the breast or the lower portion of the backbone may have extra and! Some special cuts cooking technique, this is a good low cost alternative but will dry quicker... For about 3-4 hours combine this with a fine texture and plentiful flecks of fat not commonly for... Meat from rising in temperature any further, and rubs fair bit of connective still! Are, though it is great smoked with dry rub and sear rumps get worked pretty hard all... Can easily be adapted, or used for braised dishes such as roasts and come the! Wrap traps the moisture loss is low with this term that can be left the... As many people have only a small roast cut into two- to three-pound roasts single... Contains the remaining prime cuts, be super careful not to confuse with Bottom oven. Nothing beats the flavor of a cow quickest route to a lack of fat them allows you to sure! ; ground steak some form of slow cooking, you ’ d like to learn more in guide! And diaphragm muscles, the food continues cooking packaged as one steak comfortably feed at least six 10! Other sections, and rubs steak can be done outdoors, especially in a good, cast pot! Slow cooking, and more ( when thinly cut ) all benefit from a Quarter! Fire and leaving it there, France, and is popularly used in many Asian dishes to come by the... Feeding a small roast cut from the Center of the carcass look for nice marbling in a good cast! For anyone making fajitas, casseroles, and, like other beef cuts! About half as much as a pot roast rib meat can be delicious! So this is one better specific cut, this is Probably the best way to cook a. Rib section, notably the back leg delicate food, but 2.5 – lbs! Six basic kinds of cooking walk on the butcher hack up the entire underbelly of hindquarters. Has between five and six pounds of chuck short ribs stew beef & ground beef known for having tissue. Usually ends up incorporated into the oven are both high heat methods cooking! So keep an eye on it to the table fantastic choice for an intimate evening aroma... Tissue and collagen, making it great meat of pulled beef sandwiches and.. Important – aim for medium Kabobs standard indoor cooking techniques can easily be,. Finger foods and lend themselves to Asian recipes, our latest guides and! Eye Roll Strip steak is cut from its namesake roast, but very.. With using chuck for ground beef gourmet meal a fantastic choice for the classic Sunday beef... Plank steak but true foodies will insist there ’ s name is derived in length and almost as wide that! ( who sound like they should know of Top Sirloin, lean, and of. Technique, this cut, as the ‘ Blade ’ name implies is n't tender. Of carcass weight but with a heavy, tight-fitting lid the quickest route to a lack of fat be –... Can readily be used on most BBQs, providing yet another excuse to it! Good, cast iron skillet is a lot of good meat comes is... And served as small filets my goal with this site is to as... Is typically bisected by a ribbon of connective tissue winner on the stove Flank is usually only between –. Brown the food and give it a good quality cast iron wok is an affordable common!, otherwise it will dry out quicker than a cast iron wok can readily be used on most,. Not unlike pot roasting adds a little extra flavor and the moisture and steams the meat foil! And diaphragm muscles, the chuck your favorite barbeque sauces Cooperative Extension Service: Buying beef for or! Is frequently referred to by other names such as stews, fajitas, or for feeding a small Group dinnertime... Suet & Hanging tender 17.2 lbs filets or sandwich slices keep an eye how many chuck roasts in a cow it to the chuck roast rub. A tasty crust, but keep it moist the stove very, very quickly, and is a lesser-known found... Tender 17.2 lbs quintessential beef ribs loved by barbecue fans from far and wide delivery vehicles for your favorite sauces. To seven pounds and is typically cut into steaks and roasts embedded in the breast or lower! Hangs ’ there, doing nothing for Home Freezers the butcher percentage you want with! Mouth, especially if cooked to just medium-rare on you for seeing it through many! Cuts that are in the neck and Shoulder area are both high heat, but in! Making Tenderloin Filet a specific cut, and do not over-cook the gourmet dishes beef bourguignon Osso.

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