Getting Started

The assessment forums on this website are a medium for the professional scientific community to provide feedback (along with photographs and observations) to Species Survival Commission members on IUCN Red List assessments being conducted as part of IUCNa��s Global Species Assessment and reassessment programmes.

This information streamlines the assessment process. The forum is powered by, a social network for sharing information about biodiversity. iNaturalist is the engine that communicates with the IUCN SIS database and manages the forum community. You can learn more about iNaturalist buy tadalafil online, buy Zoloft online. here.

The main page to the forum lists species currently being assessed on the left hand column. You can click on the species name to see the assessment. On the right hand column, youa��ll see recent iNaturalist observations of species contributed by the forum community. iNaturalist observations allow both photos and location data to be entered. The forum makes use of both of these pieces of information to try to compile photos of each species being assessed and to help inform the Geographic Distribution portion of the assessment. At the lower left youa��ll see questions to guide the feedback requested by the assessments.

Forum Frontpage

Clicking on a species name loads an individual assessment. The assessment sections are listed in a table of contents. To leave feedback on the assessment you must be signed into iNaturalist. If youa��re not click Sign in if you already have an account or Sign up if you dona��t. This will open a new window.

Forum Assessment Agama bottegi Taxonomy


You can sign up for iNaturalist with a username and email or by using an existing account like Facebook or Google. Once youa��ve signed into iNaturalist, close the new window, return to the forum window and reload it. Then you will be able to add comments.

Once you are signed into iNaturalist you will be able to add comments below each section. Any responses to your comments will appear as a conversation around each forum section. You can also see any conversations youa��ve participated in by visiting your dashboard on If you dona��t want to participate in that conversation click the settings icon to unsubscribe to the conversation. Any updates to conversations you are subscribed to will also be sent to you in an summary email. If you dona��t wish to recieve emails edit your Account settings on iNaturalist

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