The Nintendo Switch is upon us, and it still utilizes friend codes for users to build their cache of online acquaintances. They can enable you to befriend and play with dear companions over local play or Wi-Fi connection. Nintendo Switch Friend Codes. So, grab your Nintendo Switch and hop online... Actually, wait a minute. Posts 3,561 to 3,561 of 3,561. Dec. 3, 2020 3:15 a.m. PT. Nintendo Switch: Find your friend code, send screenshots to your phone and more top tips. Of course you are. How to disable Friend Notifications on Nintendo Switch. sw-0734-8624-9988. Keep Your Friend Code in Your Contact Card. To find your friend code, go to the Nintendo Switch home screen and scroll to the very top where the profile icons are found. Please add your name in Alphabetical order (by Whirlpool username) Do Not add your name to the end of the list unless it belongs there. Maybe you've decided that you want to be a solo player on your Switch and you don't want to feel the pressure of knowing your friends are online and waiting to play a game of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with you. sw-0734-8624-9988. Codenames Online were developed as a tool to help you play the game with your friends online in these rush times when meeting in person is often not possible. Top. Boasting its prowess and innovation as Nintendo’s first dockable console, the Switch offers the features of innovative gameplay as well as connectivity with fellow Nintendo gamers. Friend codes have returned to the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo’s Friend Code system is a convoluted method by which you can add friends to the Switch… On the user page, click Search with Friend Code and type a user’s 12-digit code to send a Switch friend request.. But don't worry, if you are looking for more, we work on an iOS and Android app that will definitely satisfy your needs. Welcome to the Whirlpool Nintendo Switch Friend Code list. Nintendo Switch Friend Code List. Please feel free to add your Friend Code to the list. Select the icon you want to find the friend code for and it will take you to the profile page. Topic: Friend Exchange - Share friend codes for Switch multiplayer matches. As with most Nintendo games - even its mobile offerings, like Mario Kart Tour - access to Ronnie Rando, Arbitrary Anne and friends is gated behind a friend code system. This archaic method of online interaction was previously used on both Wii U and 3DS, and has unfortunately returned for Nintendo’s new console. Jason Cipriani. 3,561; Roryy96; 8 mins ago; add me on switch!! Ready to get more out of your Switch? How to add a friend.